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56. Navigating the Digital Twin Revolution with Dr. Michael Grieves
April 10, 2024

In Episode 56 of the RCN Podcast, Executive Director of the Digital Twin Institute Dr. Michael Grieves join Matthew Byrd for a discussion about digital twins and artificial intelligence.

55. Finding Success Via Failure in Scanning & Drones with Eric Vallejo
April 04, 2024

In Episode 55 of the RCN Podcast, Eric Vallejo, Director of Reality Capture and Geospatial Solutions at IMEG Corp, shares his experience on technology learning curves, collaboration and workflows, and finding success through failures.

54. Terminology, Tools, and the Future of Work with Kipp Ivey
March 21, 2024

In Episode 54 of the RCN Podcast, Kipp Ivey, Senior Business Development Manager at FARO Technologies discusses the risks involved in replacing a tool, is personal journey to FARO, his love/hate relationship with industry-specific terminology, and his tho

53. Telecommunication and New Technology with John Chwalibog
March 14, 2024

In Episode 53 of the RCN Podcast, John Chwalibog, CEO of VTS, discusses finding a reality capture niche within the telecommunications realm, welcoming new technology, and the need for education in the industry.

52. Advancing Innovation with Brey Tucker
March 07, 2024

In Episode 52 of the the RCN Podcast, former Level CEO and current CEO of Tucker Technology Consulting, Brey Tucker share his perspective on advancing innovation and the need for standardizing vernacular.

51. Optimizing Reality Capture with Brad Shapiro
February 28, 2024

In Episode 51 of the the RCN Podcast, EquipmentShare Product Manager Brad Shapiro discusses the fast-evolving nature of reality capture technology.

50. The Versatility of Reality Capture with Alex Hill-Stosky
February 22, 2024

In Episode 50 of the the RCN Podcast, Alex Hill-Stosky, Manager of Reality Capture Development & Regulation at Eagle Engineering and Consulting, shares his perspective on the versatility of reality capture tools.

49. Bringing Reality to the Digital World with David Lod
February 08, 2024

In Episode 49 of the the RCN Podcast, VEERUM CEO David Lod share his SaaS companys bold attempts to provide frictionless digital twin solutions for the energy and industrial sectors, among others.

48. Lessons from a Laser Scanning Expert with Silviu Stoian
February 05, 2024

In Episode 48 of the the RCN Podcast, CEO of RC Monkeys Silviu Stoian, CEO speaks about being in a niche field of the reality capture world, entrepreneurship, and the importance of building relationships with other members of the reality capture community

47. The Dawn of Reality Capture with John Brown
February 01, 2024

On episode 47 of the RCN Podcast, John Brown, Supervisor of Reality Capture at General Motorsshares his personal history with reality capture technology as it evolved, the gravity of accessible education, and the importance of growth within the laser sca