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0031 Up Against the Wall
March 11, 2021

The content for this episode is taken from last Sunday service where Dr Hillard share some insight about the woman of Zarephath and the profit Elijah in first Kings chapter 17. This unnamed woman was

00030 How Do You Move from Bitterness to Breakthrough?
February 04, 2021

Doctor Hilliard continues his series Moving Forward as he looks at Exodus chapter 15. After the children of Israel had experienced an unbelievable Deliverance by seeing Pharaoh and his army drowned

0029 It's time to dance
January 28, 2021

In this episode we play a message from Dr Hilliard that he preached last Sunday at the cathedral. Entitled its Time to Dance. Dr Hilliard shares what it must have felt like for the children of Isr

00.28 Chaos and catastrophe at the Capitol
January 14, 2021

In the first half of the show Dr Hilliard encourages listeners to be thankful in spite of the pandemic and the tragic events that occurred at our nation's capital. Even though this season is traumatic

0027 Moving Forward
January 07, 2021

With all the various challenges to be faced in 2020 from covid-19, to the many deaths. Many persons losing jobs and their businesses, and the various protests and riots that were seeing in our streets

0026 Understanding what God is doing in times of grief
December 31, 2020

In this episode Dr Hilliard shares, some of the challenges his church has faced in the last two weeks. Recently his congregation had to deal with the death of two of their members’ one in particular w

0025 Christmas traditions and a message from the angels
December 24, 2020

In this episode Dr. Hillard shares, some of his most memorable traditions about the Christmas season. He also encourages us to continue to remain faithful even though this Christmas may be unusual as

0024 A fighter for the faith
December 17, 2020

As we continue to celebrate 37 years of the ministry of Dr Hilliard. Bishop Curtis Douglas gives us some insight about our faith. Many of us know about saving faith and our personal faith in the Lord

0023 Sons and daughters round table part 2 “When your calling interrupts your personal agenda”
December 10, 2020

Dr. Hillard welcomes Rev. Dr. Christopher Michael Jones to encourage the Hilliard’s sons and daughters in the faith. In this special episode, listeners have the privilege of joining in the roundtable

00022 The Call, the Cave, and the Commission with Special Guest Bishop TD Jakes
December 03, 2020

In honor of Dr. Hilliard's episcopal anniversary, special guest, Bishop Jakes-- a friend of Dr. Hilliard for 25+ years-- shares some profound insights about three phases of ministry: "the call, the c