One Day You'll Thank Me

One Day You'll Thank Me

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140: - Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) Part II - A Follow-Up to Brooke Bralove's Episode
April 17, 2024

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostMeredith Eaton - guest co-hostOn this episode, Tara welcomes her best friend and guest co-host, Meredith Eaton. Tara and Meredith joined together for a follow up discussion (Part II) from the episode on 2/14 with Brooke Bralove, L

139 - Guest Expert - Caitlyn Andersen - Clearing the Air: The Impact of Vaping on Kids and Teens
April 03, 2024

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostCaitlyn Andersen, M.S., LCMHCA, NCC- guest expert~First Episode of Season 8~What an information packed episode we have in store for you! On this first episode of Season 8, Tara welcomes the newest member of Egan Counseling & C

138 - Guest Expert - Michelle Holleman- Understanding Betrayal Trauma
February 28, 2024

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostMeredith Eaton - co-hostMichelle Holleman - guest expert~Last Episode of Season 7~Today Tara and co-host Meredith are super excited to welcome Michelle Holleman. Michelle is a licensed psychotherapist and the founder and Clinical

137 - Guest Expert - Brooke Bralove, LCSW-C, ART Practitioner - The Magic of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) with Brooke Bralove
February 14, 2024

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostMeredith Eaton - co-hostBrooke Bralove - guest expertToday is a doubly special day (Is that even a word?)!Tara's co-host is her best friend Meredith Eaton and their special guest expert is Brook Bralove.  Tara and Meredith ar

136 - 2024 Life Updates
January 31, 2024

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan, hostAnna, teen co-hostAs we start out 2024, Tara and Anna record a special episode sharing what is happening in their lives currently. Many of you have said that you enjoy hearing about Anna's journey of high school/college/rela

135- Guest Expert - Lisa Zeiderman - The Roles of Therapists & Attorneys in High Conflict Divorce Cases
January 17, 2024

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostLisa Zeiderman - guest expertDivorce can be complicated, but add in high conflict partners, mental abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, narcissists, etc. it can really elevate the stress and complications.When

134 - Using Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to Treat Anxiety, PTSD, and Trauma
December 20, 2023

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostJustina Floyd, MA, NCC, LCMHC - guest expertWhat Is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)? When ketamine is prescribed by a physician and taken at a low dose in conjunction with psychotherapy, it has been shown effective in the t

133- Guest Experts - Katherine Pendergast and Lacie Brueckner - How to Prepare Your Children For The Loss of a Pet
December 06, 2023

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostKatherine Pendergast and Lacie Brueckner- guest expertsSaying goodbye to a pet is hard for everyone, especially children. How can parents help their children through the process, remember the sweet memories and celebrate their  li

133- Guest Expert: Cathy Himlin LMFT, LPCC - When High-Conflict Divorce Leads to Estrangement Between Parent and Child
November 15, 2023

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostCathy Himlin LMFT, LPCC- guest expertIs your child avoiding or refusing contact with you?Are you in a conflictual custody situation?Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to work?You do not want to miss this week of "On

132 - Katie Blythe, LCSWA - Somatic Therapy: Helping Clients Tune Into Their Bodies
November 01, 2023

Cast:Dr. Tara Egan - hostKatie Blythe, MSW, LCSWA, CHC - guest expertHow does tuning into our body's feelings and sensations help in therapy? This week Tara welcomes her colleague and guest expert, Katie Blythe,  MSW, LCSWA, CHC to talk about how tun