Finding Favorites with Leah Jones

Finding Favorites with Leah Jones

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Caroline Musin Berkowitz loves Passover (re-issue)
April 14, 2024

We are one week out from Passover seders, so what better time to revisit Caroline's advice about preparing for the Spring holiday? New Haggadah alert - The Promise of Liberty by Stuart Halpern & J

Scott Smith loves Mission Impossible movies
April 07, 2024

Scott Smith, aka Our Man In Chicago, returns to Finding Favorites to talk about the Mission Impossible movies - why he loves them, how he watches them and where to start with the series. Scott first j

Blaise Miller loves Sweatpants
March 23, 2024

Blaise Miller, an actor/director/writer based in LA, joined Leah to talk about his new web series "Hi, Blaise Miller" and his love of sweatpants. "Hi, Blaise Miller" is a six episode series exploring

Joyce Miller loves Greyhounds
March 17, 2024

Author Joyce Miller joins Leah to talk about her new book Joe Harris, The Moon, her love of greyhounds and her love of dancing with dogs. Keep up with Joyce onlineLook! You're Dancing: A Memoir of D

Bradley Sides loves The National
March 03, 2024

Alabama based author Bradley Sides joined Leah to talk about his new collection Crocodile Tears Didn't Cause the Flood and his favorite band, The National.Keep up with Bradley onlineCrocodile Tears

Ben Tanzer loves The Basketball Diaries
February 18, 2024

Ben Tanzer, a Chicago-based author and consultant, joined Leah to celebrate the launch of his new novel The Missing (pre-order on for March 21, 2024 delivery) and his love of the book The

Paul Scheer loves the L.A. Clippers
February 04, 2024

Paul Scheer, an LA-based actor, writer, comedian, and podcaster, grew up in New York Knicks territory, but now loves the L.A. Clippers. He joined Leah to talk about his memoir Joyful Recollections of

Esther Goldenberg loves Pour Painting
January 28, 2024

Author Esther Goldenberg visits Finding Favorites to share her loves of pour painting and drumming (djembe, not snare). She's also celebrating the publication of her first novel The Scrolls of Deborah

Kathie Giorgio loves Writing
January 14, 2024

Kathie Giorgio, a Wisconsin-based writer and founder of The All Writers Workshop, joined Leah to talk about her lifelong love of writing and her genre-agnostic publishing career. Kathie published her

Best of 2023 from your favorite people
December 31, 2023

Some of your favorite guests are back for the Best of 2023 Call-In Show! Leah asked guests and friends to send in a voice memo with their favorite discoveries of 2023. It's important to find moments o