One Mic Stand

One Mic Stand

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Hell'n Back
September 01, 2020

For the first episode of September the girls are falling into their feels. They’re taking time, just the two of them, to get deep and take it raw- and really get down to their core emotions. In the 11th week of “One Mic Stand”, Morgan Roder and Emily Radt

San Martians
August 25, 2020

For a long and very special episode 10 the girls are bringing along 4 guests to enhance all they’ve taught the masses. “TLC” with Liesl Prater, “Time Out” with the chaotic roommate duo Kaitlyn Peveto and Monique Sevin, and a new segment “Speed Dating” wit

August 18, 2020

For episode number nine the girls are in a new studio! They traveled and barely made it to Emily's college town of San Marcos, Texas. In "Scholarships" you will hear Morgan and Emily touch on TLC, give a much needed back to school list, answer some of the

Flights Not Feelings
August 11, 2020

In this week's episode the girls reminisce on their New Orleans trip. Missing luggage, tarot cards, tuna fish, and the green leafs?  They also have another special guest, Lauren Rearick, and they dive into all things heart break and forgiveness. Lots

Lucky Number Seven
August 05, 2020

Happy Tuesday... or Wednesday? Fashionably late, but the girl's still arrive this week in style. Not sure if I'd describe the style as classy though! In episode 7 Morgan and Emily bring on a special guest Lauren Britton, go into another list endeavor, and

Hey Stephen
July 28, 2020

The girls are here and this week they're bringing pure chaos! After an iCould catastrophe, this week's episode is a roller coaster. Hot goss over pop culture? Morgan is moving? Top 12 first date ideas? Ladies, send your men our way. We'll try not to steal

Dear Diary...
July 21, 2020

For episode 5 the girl's are back in the studio. Morgan and Emily answer some get to know you questions, talk drunk shenanigans, touch on TLC, and read their diaries?? You never know what's in their back pockets! 

Grab n Go
July 14, 2020

The girls are on the move! This week Morgan and Emily pack up and head out on the road to interview three very special guests- Marriel Williams, Amy Woods, and Logan Hawthorne. On episode four you get to find out what Hawaiian punch, chlamydia, and 7- Ele

Three Peat
July 07, 2020

After an adventurous three day weekend the girls are excited to share Episode Three this week. Tune in to hear Morgan and Emily dive in on some romantic advice, an interactive game of "Never Have I Ever", and to see who the girls put in time out. 

Riskier Business
June 30, 2020

Y'all asked... Now you shall receive. Get down and go down with your two favorite hosts, Morgan Roder and Emily Radtke. The girls take a stroll down memory lane and answer pressing questions from fans, spill (too much) tea, touch base with TLC, and get ph