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The Most Normal Fandom (Legend of Vox Machina) ft. Kae Savar & Emily Bassett
April 01, 2022

Seven adventurers played by some of the most famous voice actors in history come together. Their quest: To save the world from the wicked evil of the Briarwoods, and in the process bring about the most normal and healthy fandom in the history of online fa

Making a Live Action Anime (My Neck! by Real Life Glitch Entertainment)
March 08, 2022

We're entering a world of Neck on Neck combat, a life-action anime that serves as both a parody and a love letter to the most deranged anime of the late 90s, the new Amazon series, My Neck! Joining us today is Director/Editor/Lunch Provider Joseph Spring

Ranking of Kings is an INSTANT CLASSIC ft. Jess LaBella
January 14, 2022

BROTAKUS IS BACK, BABY!!! We review the HEAVILY slept-on Ranking of Kings, craft a plan to stop COVID-19 (and Dragonball Z) once and for all, AND give you a special production peek behind the scenes. We're back to weekly episodes, so send us those guests

Zombieland Saga ft. AnnieMayPlay & Anna Chicco
July 29, 2021

It's Night of the Living Pop Stars here at Brotakus, where we're finally tackling one of the biggest hits of the year, Zombieland Saga (and its sequel series, Zombieland Saga Revenge). The perfect gateway into idol anime, Zombieland Saga has some of the m

Yasuke: The African Samurai Who Changed Japan ft. Professor Thomas Lockley
July 15, 2021

Today we're talking with Professor Thomas Lockley about his critical work in reinvigorating the story of Yasuke, the only non-Japanese Samurai. From starting riots in Japan with only his appearance to eventually chopping off the head of the greatest warlo

Why You Should Play (Not Watch) Persona ft. DataDave
July 08, 2021

The Shin Megami Tensei series is renowned for its brutal combat, apocalyptic settings, and mature themes. What started as an offshoot titled "Shin Megami Tensei Revelations: Persona" quickly became its own series, with the Persona series now eclipsing the

The Voice Actor Roundtable ft. Kai Jordan & Elizabeth Ryan
July 01, 2021

The long-awaited Voice Actor Roundtable is here! Since starting Brotakus we've been getting requests to do an industry deep-dive with working VAs, and we're finally delivering. A huge shout out to our audience and to Anna Chicco for helping with the quest

We're Turning 1! (Thank You So Much)
June 24, 2021

This week marks the first anniversary of Brotakus, and Pax takes a few minutes to tell you how we got started, where we go from here, and how much your support means to us. We return to regular Brotakus programming next week with an amazing Voice Actor Ro

The Ultimate Anime Dads Tier List ft. Eric Schutt & Bishop Chave
June 17, 2021

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! In honor of all of the daddies and father figures in anime, we decided to rank... ALL OF THEM? We're joined today by REAL LIFE DADS Bishop Chave (@Reverend_Roscoe) and Eric Schutt (@EricIsTheSchutt) in this EPIC ranking of all the dads

The Flawed Genius of YuYu Hakusho ft. Kae Savar
June 10, 2021

YuYu Hakusho is 90s anime at its best, an epic exploration of the limits of the medium at the time. From iconic voicework, gorgeous color pallets, and outstanding direction, YuYu Hakusho stands above its peers at the time in its execution. Written by the