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jor n raven

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"that blows my mind" , whole conversation of things that r crazyy to us
October 19, 2022

In our previous casts we always talk about things that blow our minds so we thought we would dedicate a cast to our little minds being blown so i hope this was as funny as we thought this was because you can hear my mind being blown during it

Spirituality!! + our rambles of topics around it
June 25, 2020

we talk alott abt spirituality and we wanted to share it to you guys because it's very much something we're interested in, other than that we talk about religion n we have funny moments during it so hope u guys like this one n enjoy it ❤️

first podcasts!!! this is how we met n our icebreaker!!
June 23, 2020

This is something we talked about as a joke to start but we go into how we met and talk about how we see the world from our little minds This is for people to see how we interact and just to hear how we talk!! ( this was filmed at 3am and you can see ho