Fly Tech Jam

Fly Tech Jam

Latest Episodes

FTJ 10 Travel to China Learn Mandarin With Jiali
January 28, 2023

Travel to China with me while we discuss Mandarin, the difficulties of language acquisition and how to overcome them. 

FTJ Ep Top 5 No 2Pac? with PACO$O
January 01, 2022

Listen as we break down our top 5 favorite rap artists. Rapid fire Style!

FTJ EP 8 Japan is better than New York? with Diverse K Cox
October 05, 2021

Get travel tips and Japanese lessons from an international drummer and producer! Diverse K Cox

Artist Spotlight With Rey’n
August 26, 2021

Discover new music, and hear how Reyn has been so successful in the past 6 months!

FTJ Episode 5 Your free ticket to France with Yanice
August 21, 2021

Travel to France, learn a little French , and get some tips to do more for less money.

Top 5 R&B/ Soul Artists Out! With Keys
August 21, 2021

Listen as we describe and defend why the artists we chose deserve to be in the coveted top 5 position. Hopefully you find new music.

Dance To You with Monnie
August 21, 2021

How dance is influenced by music. FTJ dance crossover with Monnie.

FTJ Episode 6 FLY TECH JAM with Tower
June 07, 2021

FTJ feature episode! Covering the best music and technology for travel. Whether casual driver or frequent flyer tune in for a special bonus this episode.

FTJ Ep 4 The State of Tech With Johvon
March 18, 2021

Talking tech advancements with Automation robotics engineer Johvon.

FTJ Episode 1 Air Travel with Delia
June 13, 2020

How to get the most out of your travel,or finally get to your dream destination in a few simple steps. Tune in !