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James & Jye Talk Action Ep #3 - Mike Tyson in IP Man 3 and Jason Statham in Wild Card
September 14, 2021

In this episode we chat about getting vaccinated

James & Jye Talk Action Ep #2 - Master Z: IP Man Legacy & The Rundown weapons scene - Fight talk
September 09, 2021

In this episode we chat about a fight from Master Z: IP Man Legacy and another action sequence from The Rundown. We also talk about James’s Mullet with the Black Dog Institute, our envy for men who can grow a solid beard (Sunny & Stefan), Chekhov’s Gu

James & Jye Talk Action Ep #1 - The Rundown and Rurouni Kenshin - Fight talk
September 06, 2021

New show featuring filmmaker James Huynh and actor Jye Hawley.  Each episode we will bring an action scene to talk about, hand to hand, weapons, car chase, anything that intends to bring your heart rate up as an audience member.   In the fi

Robert Pham - Actor
September 15, 2020

Today my guest is Robert Pham. Rob is an actor based out of Melbourne, Australia. In this episode we chat about: - His artistic journey from a young age, from drawing to dancing to acting. - How the TV show Dragon Ball Z inspired him to get into acti

Michael Marmina - Personal Trainer & Gym Owner
August 26, 2020

Today my guest is Michael Marmina. Michael is a Personal Trainer and Gym Owner based in Mornington on the Mornington Peninsula. In this episode we chat about fitness routines from beginner to advanced, recovering from a knee injury (that I probably caus

John Balazs - Director & Producer at Prima Lux Films
August 04, 2020

Today my guest is John Balazs. John is a director based in Melbourne, Australia. He and his wife Marlane run a production company called Prima Lux Films. A few topics we talk about: - His journey into making films - His work life balance - Short film

Sharelle Starr - Stunt Actor & Actress
July 28, 2020

Today my guest is Sharelle Starr. Sharelle is a stunt actor and actress with over a decade of experience in the film industry. She has over 70 stunt credits and has doubled some of the biggest actors in the industry such as Naomi Watts, Rebecca Gibney, Te

Chris Weir - Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator & Fight Choreographer
July 21, 2020

Today my guest is Chris Weir. Chris is a stuntman, stunt coordinator and fight choreographer. He is well known for being a kickass stunt performer, precision driver/rider, stunt coordinator and is now making his name as one of the best fight choreographer

Tyler Coppin - Actor & Dialect Coach
July 14, 2020

Today my guest is Tyler Coppin. Tyler is an actor & dialect coach. With over 40 years of acting on screen and on the stage he has a wealth of knowledge. We chat about his journey of performing and also coaching Australians with the American accent. A f

James Huynh - DOP & Editor
July 08, 2020

Today my guest is James Huynh. James is a DOP & Editor. He has a huge passion for film and a great work ethic, with close to a decade of experience I have no doubt he will be making a big impact in the coming years at a professional level. A few topics