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#36 Red Light Therapy, Biohacking & Optimising Health - Bryan Gohl
January 17, 2024

In this episode we chat to Bryan Gohl, Co-founder of Red Light Rising. Red Light Rising is a leading red light therapy company based in the UK. Bryan is someone who is devoted to optimising health in all areas, and in this conversation he highlights the

#35 Birth Story Unpacked & Life Lately
December 08, 2023

Since we have had numerous requests for the details of the birth of our son, we decided to sit down and unpack the way things unfolded for us. If you are new to this channel, make sure to check out and use code : lifexpanded20 for 20%

#35 The Trail of Transformation - with Hankus Loubser
October 21, 2023

This weeks guest on the podcast is Hankus Loubser, someone who has become a friend in a short space of time and someone who I had an incredible experience with a week ago , on his "Trail of Transformation" In this episode we unpack the trail, th

#34 Parenting, Pregnancy & Unplanned Questions
September 23, 2023

In this episode we decided to sit down and ask each other a couple of questions with regards to this next chapter of Life. We chat about all things Parenting, Pregnancy, and we reflect on our own upbringings and how we plan to parent in the future.We me

#33 In & Out of Veganism - Our Story
September 14, 2023

Ok So in this weeks episode we delve into a contentious issue, a topic that evokes all kinds of emotions in people depending on how deeply attached they are to whatever lifestyle they subscribe to - and that topic is the topic of Diet. Myself and Tara w

#32 How We Take Control of Our Mental Health
September 07, 2023

On this weeks episode, we cover a range of topics that are directly related to mental health, with a focus on how we have implemented and benefited from all the things we cover today. We hope that this episode will provide value to you, and please let us

#31 - Launch of Season 2 & Reflections on the last few years
September 02, 2023

In this episode we kick off season 2 of the LifeXpanded Podcast.This season I plan to do more episodes with my wife - Tara James. The goal is to share our life experiences and unpack all the things that go along with starting a business, starting a famil

#30 Transform Your Life Through Shadow Work - With Lisa LIFETRAIN
March 27, 2022

After having a deeply personal and transformative experience with Lisa in one of her Ceremonies, I had to get her on to the podcast to find out more about her and all the ways in which she is being of service in this world.We dissect that powerful experi

#29 Alcohol & Tobacco - Facing My Addictions
February 19, 2022

First podcast episode of 2022 ! It's been awhile fam, and in this solo cast I open up about my recent resurfacing of addictions that crept back into my life and almost ruined everything Ive been working so hard to create.  Addiction is such a big top

#28 Awaken The Avatar Body - With Jeffrey Munks
December 30, 2021

Mr Jeffrey Munks is my guest on this episode, a conversation that was full of magic and inspiration. Jeffrey is an Artist, Performer, Author and an incredible modern day magician.  In this conversation we chat about his recently released Book "