Woodside Bible Church Farmington Hills

Woodside Bible Church Farmington Hills

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What God Says About Friendship - What God Says About Part 3 - Jacob Ley
April 21, 2024

What God Says About Friendship!

What God Says About Words - Woodside Bible Church - Jacob Ley
April 14, 2024

Last Sunday, we started a new series, What God Says About, taking insights from the book of Proverbs, and applying Gods wisdom to some everyday situations we may face. When it comes to the way we speak to others, what we say matters. Our words hold much

What God Says About Wisdom - Jacob Ley
April 10, 2024

We are diving into a new series, What God Says About, looking at the book of Proverbs to glean wisdom from about how to lean on God in the situations we face each day. Proverbs 3 tells us, the one who finds wisdom and understanding is blessed. Wisdom guid

Belief that is Alive - Believe: Part 3 (Easter Sunday) - Jacob Ley
March 31, 2024

This Easter Sunday we are ending our 'Believe' series, by diving into a commonly asked question, why should I believe in Jesus? There are many differing opinions that circulate in our culture, doubting the existence of Jesus. It can be hard to remain fait

Belief that is Personal - Believe: Part 2 (Good Friday)
March 29, 2024

For this Good Friday, we behold Jesus as King, Shepherd, and Savior through the Apostle John's retelling of the Garden arrest narrative. Hear from Pastor Jacob Ley, Pastor Joel Tomkinson, and Rev. Brandon Cleaver as they share the teaching at this special

Belief that is Seen - Believe: Part 1 (Palm Sunday) - Joel Tomkinson
March 24, 2024

This Palm Sunday, we are beginning with true belief, and how that belief in Jesus shows in our lives. As we enter Holy Week, we begin with looking at Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. We' see how true, genuine belief shows in our lives when we honor

It’s Not Just About Me - Confessions: Part 5 - Jacob Ley
March 17, 2024

Our series, Confessions: Erasing Shame and Experiencing Renewal, is ending. We have been slowly walking through Psalm 51, learning what true confession and renewal looks like. As we wrap up our series this week, we tackle the effect our sin and our confes

Seeking Renewal - Confessions: Part 4 - Jacob Ley
March 10, 2024

This week we are journeying on in our series, Confessions: Erasing Shame and Experiencing Renewal, looking to Psalm 51 as a guide to help us in our journey of finding renewal in Christ. In times when we have messed up or let someone down, it is easy for u

It's On Me - Confessions: Part 3 - Jacob Ley
March 03, 2024

As we journey on in our series, Confessions: Erasing Shame and Experiencing Renewal, we will see that an essential part of confession is taking responsibility for our sin. In Romans, we see that Paul states, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory

God's Immeasurable Mercy- Confessions: Part 2 - Brandon Cleaver
February 25, 2024

We are continuing in our new series, Confessions: Erasing Shame and Experiencing Renewal, this week we will be diving into Gods mercy and how He is faithful to show us mercy. When we appeal to the character of God and appeal to the cleansing power of God,