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S2E6 - Ft. Nicholas Rachmadi - The Student-Athlete Lifestyle
January 15, 2021

Just blast EDM! is Nicholas Rachmadis top tip for lasting long-distance trainings. In the episode, he opens up about his journey to becoming a SEA Games medalist at 18, his Singapore Sports School experience, and how he manages his extremely busy sched

S2E5 - Ft. Theresa Goh - Life After Sport
January 08, 2021

As Singapores highly decorated Paralympian, Thersa Goh has been celebrated by many and has become a household name. In this episode, we catch up with her as she shares her retirement journey and her life behind the glitz and the glamour. She talks about

S2E4 - Ft. Ganeash Selverajan - An important conversation about mental health with the NUS Psychology Society president
January 02, 2021

Ganeash Selverajan shares his sporting journey in Badminton and how it impacted his mental health. His journey in sport has paved the way for him to study psychology at NUS. As the newly elected NUS Psychology Society president, he also shares his plans a

S2E3 - Ft. Lim Zheng Chuen - Introducing Finance, Investment, and Shang's way of life
December 18, 2020

In this episode, Lim Zheng Chuen, more endearingly called Shangs by his friends, shares his knowledge as a financial advisor as well as an NUS student. He talks about investing at a young age, financial tips, and gives some incredible life advice through

S2E2 - Ft. Ira Atiqah - Being a Changemaker in the Education System and the Sports Scene in Singapore
December 11, 2020

Ira Atiqah is the president of Swifts Netball Club and an educator at Score Campus. In this episode, she shares the work she is doing as an activist and changemaker as well as her vision for Singapore’s netball future. She also sheds light on her own expe

S2E1 - Ft. Nina Catrina - From the Corporate World to Social Work
December 05, 2020

Nina Catrina is a Social Worker at REACH Youth Service. In this episode, she talks about her academic journey, her life in the corporate world, her experiences in social work, and her journey with her personal struggles and self-discovery. Trigger Warning

Mind & Body Chats #3 - Ft. Au Yeong Wai Yhann - Becoming a Full-Time Athlete and Delaying Education for Two Years
August 15, 2020

In this episode world-ranked National Squash player and multiple SEA Games medalist, Au Yeong Wai Yhann, opens up about her experience of stopping her schooling to pursue squash full-time for two years. We also talk about mindfulness and yoga and how she

Mind & Body Chats #2 - Ft. Jeevita Pillai - Dance Fitness, Psychology, and Perception of Time
August 08, 2020

In this episode, I talked to Dance Fitness Instructor and Sports Psychologist, Jeevita Pillai. We discussed how Dance Fitness can help athletes, her experiences of being a sports psychologist for student-athletes in Singapore, the struggles they face, and

Mind & Body Chats #1 - Ft. Danica Toh - Mindfulness and Yoga Therapeutics
July 31, 2020

For the very first episode of Mind & Body Chats, founder of Six Spac, Danica Toh, and I, sit down to have a chat about the inspiration behind Six Spac, mindfulness, the application of mindfulness to sports, yoga therapeutics, depression and more. Trigger

S1E3 - Ft. Cheyenne Rae Howard - ACL injuries and Making it to the National Team
July 25, 2020

National netball player, Cheyenne Rae Howard shares the story of how she tore her ACL and her road to recovery. In this episode, she also talks about bouncing back from her injury and making it to the National team at 19 years old. Follow us on Instagram