I'm Over It

I'm Over It

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Emotions VS Logic | Part 1
May 30, 2021

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The Dangers of Depo Provera
March 10, 2021

In this podcast I explain the dangers of depo Provera. Women shared their stories on Depo Provera and how it affected them.  The Dangers of Depo Provera also known as Medroxyprogesterone Acetate.    What is Depo Provera?  What’s in Dep

Big Pharma | The Pharmaceutical Industry
February 21, 2021

When did the Pharmaceutical Industry Started? How & Why was it started? In this video I explained these topics.  The truth about the Pharmaceutical Industry.  S͛oͦcͨiͥaͣl mͫeͤdͩiͥaͣ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EirMedLtd/ Instagram: i

You May Never Take Birth Control Again!
December 27, 2020

Most persons who take birth control are completely unaware of what they are consuming. There are people that take birth control to prevent pregnancy and some who take it for health reasons. But what are you taking? Kentucky Lied Chicken Podcast - https://

You're Always Protected
September 21, 2020

You never know what you're being saved from when relationships dont work out, when you lose friends and family. God has special ways to speak to you.  It can be through a social media post, or even a child. God can speak to you through anything and a

"Kentucky Lied Chicken"
August 28, 2020

We as consumer should always be aware of what we are putting inside of our bodies. We should also be aware of the things we do. It is always important to seek knowledge and educated ourselves on what we eat.  In this podcast I share information on K

Can't Get Pregnant!
June 24, 2020

There are so many women today that feel as if they are incapable of getting pregnant. Every woman is capable of conception.--- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/tania-michelle9/messageSupport this podcast: https://podc