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208 | Why It's Not The End
December 29, 2021

We have come to the end of Season 2. We look back on the past season and find out what kind of impact it has had in the community. We get a an inside look on the behind the scenes planning and what's next for UskWHY and Knowyourworthh. 

207 | Why are eating disorders a result of poor body image?
September 01, 2021

Eating disorders. While many have an idea of what eating disorders are, there are many misconceptions that people might have about them. It might be a difficult concept for someone who has never struggled with eating disorders to understand why people dev

206 | WHY Toxic Masculinity?
August 04, 2021

Have you heard of the term Toxic Masculinity? According to the Internet, the concept of toxic masculinity is used in academic and media discussions of masculinity to refer to certain cultural norms that are associated with harm to society and men themse

205 | WHY Try?
July 07, 2021

What is the difference between trying and doing? How can one experience personal growth from trying things? Should we be trying harder at certain things (i.e. saving the environment)?On this weeks episode of UskWHY, Alvin, Aloysius, Eve a

204 | WHY Does Quarantine Affect Our Body Image?
June 03, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, we are spending more time than usual at home in isolation from the outside. Ever wondered how being in quarantine can potentially affect the way we view our bodies in a negative manner? Li Wen, Josalyn, Regina and Erin discuss o

203 | WHY Should We Be Careful With Our Words?
May 05, 2021

Having casual conversations with our friends at times may make us unaware of the times we hurt them. Why must we be careful of our words? When does Its just a joke be too far? How do we cope when someone made an insensitive remark to us? Li Wen, Josaly

202 | WHY Am I Unhappy With My Body?
April 07, 2021

Lets talk about social media. It is no doubt that social media presents things in a way that makes them unachievable and is slowly feeding our insecurities. This leads to negative feelings that we have about ourselves and having the need to attain perfec

201 | WHY Practise Body Neutrality?
March 03, 2021

Have you ever encountered a situation where you hated your body? Or simply thought that you didnt look good enough?In this episode, the team discussed a topic thats prevalent, yet not commonly talked about in our society - body image. More specifically

200 | Preview
February 26, 2021

Have you ever looked at the mirror and hated what you saw? Do you find yourself comparing your appearance with that of others? If your answer is yes, this podcast is for you!This new season of UskWHY is for youth, by youth! We will be releasing a new epi

015 | WHY Are We Ending?
December 30, 2020

In this seasons final episode, we wrapped up our podcast journey by talking about our feelings and experiences of being part of the podcast community. We also reflected on the growth and progress that weve made for the year as well as some of our greate