Rebooting with Lisa Forte

Rebooting with Lisa Forte

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Somi Arian: Disruption and Innovation
July 07, 2021

Lisa speaks with tech philosopher and FemPeak founder Somi ArianThey discuss a range of topics including;-What is disruption and is it different from innovation?-Why was the millennial disruption such an important film for you to make?-Has covid 19

Alan Woodward
June 23, 2021

Lisa Speaks to cyber security expert Professor Alan Woodward about the risks and liabilities of insider threats, online manipulation and the increased dangers of deepfakes. Twitter: @ProfWoodward

Sarah Armstrong-Smith: Making Mistakes and Managing Mayhem
May 19, 2021

Lisa speaks with one of the leading ladies in infosec, Sarah Armstrong-Smith. What can we learn from incidents outside of cyber security? Do we see the same patterns of mistakes and oversights play out over and over? What should we all b

Philip Ingram: The Misinformation Game
April 13, 2021

Lisa speaks with Philip Ingram ex intelligence and military man who specialises in cyber and raising awareness of State level hacks, attacks and disinformation campaigns.An unbelievable discussion about some present day and historic disinformation campai

Scott Manley: The Greatest Hack of All Time
March 30, 2021

Lisa speaks with the one and only Scott Manley.  Also known as the internet rocket scientist, Scott is a legend in the space geek circles.An unbelievable discussion on some of the close calls we have seen in the space sector: Why did Apollo 11 alm

Nelufar Hedayat : Having Lunch With Traffickers.
March 16, 2021

Lisa speaks with the star of a top Netflix documentary series (The Traffickers), Nelufar Hedayat. What is it like to come face to face with some of the most dangerous traffickers and organised criminals? How do you track them down when they don’t want to

Dave Kennedy: Can we ever secure supply chains?
March 02, 2021

Lisa speaks with one of the leading cyber security professionals in the world, Dave Kennedy. They discuss Can we ever be fully in control of our supply chains? Why are supply chains still such unruly beasts? and Why the failings of other companies ca

Rebooting: Troy Hunt
October 27, 2020

Lisa speaks with cyber security heavyweight Troy Hunt to find out “who is really to blame for a data breach?” The discussion takes them in some interesting directions and they look at the role “shared responsibility” has in cyber security. Hear about some

Rebooting: Shannon Morse
October 14, 2020

Lisa Forte interviews cyber security and brand expert, Shannon Morse aka Snubs.  Lisa and Shannon have a lot of fun discussing:  • Why do cyber professionals need a “brand” now?  • How do we balance the need for Opsec and privacy against th

Rebooting: Jake Moore
September 22, 2020

Lisa Forte interviews cyber security and digital forensics expert, blogger and speaker, Jake Moore. Lisa and Jake met whilst both working for one of the UK Police Cyber Crime Units. They discuss: Why do law enforcement struggle to enforce cyber cr