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Kurt Approved

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Episode 5 INFLUENCERS - Malcolm X, Gutenberg, Freud, Mother Teresa, Faraday, Edison,Eleanor Roosevelt
July 22, 2020

More Influencers, this time Malcolm X, Johannes Gutenberg,Sigmund Freud, Mother Teresa,Michael Farady, Thomas Edison and Eleanor Roosevelt are covered

Episode 4 INFLUENCERS - Confucius, Pasteur, Einstein, Kennedy, Parks
July 15, 2020

Moving down the list to the Top 100 Influecners based on biographies list. This time Confucius, Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein, John F Kennedy, and Rosa Parks.

Episode 3: INFLUENCERS - Lincoln,Mandela, FDR, Darwin, Newton
July 08, 2020

Episode 3 moves further down the list of the Top 100 Influencers. This episode covers Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Franklin D Roosevelt, Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton.

Episode 2: INFLUENCERS - Gorbahev, Churchill, King
July 01, 2020

Episode 2 covers Mikhail Gorbachev, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King with a brief conversation on their achievements while covering their biography in a shortened version. The beginning of th

Episode 1 - Whom or What is Kurt Approved?
June 24, 2020

An introduction to the origin of the name Kurt Approved with a brief background on the host.