Gourmet Experiences by Chef Nitaa

Gourmet Experiences by Chef Nitaa

Latest Episodes

Communal eating
October 23, 2021

Do you share your food? Bukky, Joseph and Etido join me in a fun conversation!

Chef Demi’s Abuja food gist
July 22, 2021

We talk about what we like about food and restaurants in Abuja and in general

What I hate about the Nigerian hospitality industry
June 14, 2021

A brief rant about the exploitation that happens in Nigerian hospitality industry

Why is my food served so late?
May 21, 2021

A quick chat with a fellow chef about why food service takes forever

I’m Back!
April 13, 2021

Why I went AWOL, Apologies and hot gist

Emotional eating
July 18, 2020

Responding to your emotional issues by eating? This podcast discusses the dangers of stuffing your face instead of dealing with emotions

Making better food choices
July 11, 2020

Some insight to eating more food that your body needs

Food Journey Gist
July 04, 2020

A discussion on the path that led to food. A very interesting conversation with Chef Henitz

What I love most about food.
June 27, 2020

An introduction and discussion about what is ‘our favorite thing about food’