Mortgages, Money & Moving

Mortgages, Money & Moving

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5 tips for homebuying success right now
October 29, 2020

With the current mortgage market being a tougher place than previously seen, its never been so important to use a broker and get things right.  In this episode we cover off the 5 big tips to making your mortgage and homebuying journey an easier, simp

Death and Taxes, the only 2 guarantees in life.
October 15, 2020

with 42% of all UK mortgage holders having zero life insurance this episode includes a good old Q&A session as well as outlining the main reasons/excuses why people are not bothered about ensuring their families and loved ones are supported post life

Interview with Brad Burton the UK's no.1 Motivational Business Speaker
October 07, 2020

In this episode I interview Brad Burton, the UK's No1 Motivational Business speaker, Multi best selling business author, founder of 4Networking, business owner and family man and father.  Not one for the faint hearted, as Brad is not someone who mixe

Tips for Working from Home
September 30, 2020

An overview of my experiences of going from an office environment to working from home, the challenges, the opportunities and my tips on how to overcome these and make this a successful transition and experience

Remortgages, Product Transfers & why doing nothing is costing you money.
September 22, 2020

In this episode I discuss the fundamentals of both remortgaging and product transfers, what they are, the pros and cons, how they work and what they mean to you. If you have a mortgage you need to listen to this, it may save you a great deal of money and

Mortgage Q&A
September 15, 2020

Following on from a number of questions recently around mortgages, I am covering off some of the main and most common ones asked.

COVID19 Why you need to embrace it now
September 10, 2020

Hey folks, Jon Davis here with the first in a new series of podcasts all around Mortgages, Business, Family and being a modern day dad. So in this first episode I’m going to be talking about the challenges and pressures of making changes, working from hom

5 top tips on getting “mortgage ready”
June 24, 2020

Having spent the last decade advising on all types of mortgages Jon Davis gives you his top 5 tips for a smoother mortgage journey with his getting mortgage ready principal, whether youre a ftb, seasoned mover or looking to remortgage.