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Bored podcasting? Try this.
September 18, 2021

It's easy to get bored podcasting. Especially when you're niche like me. You tend to feel like a broken record. Before you quit. Try these three things: Reduce Reuse Get back to basics Don't forget I also created a tool for you called Pod Decks. Get 50 Ep

The Truth About Podcasting For Money
September 03, 2021

The podcast is not your big opportunity. The podcast is a door that opens so your community can get to know you. Ads and live reads can make money for the right podcast but for 99% of you will never materialize into something that you can live on. The rea

5 Ways to Cut Production Time in Half
August 28, 2021

Are you struggling with the length of time it takes you to produce a podcast episode? I've got 5 tips + 1 Bonus for you to cut down that post prodution work on the podcast.  You'll learn why you: Shouldnt start a new session every time How to use a

Your Podcast Questions Answered!
August 21, 2021

Questions from podcasters answered authentically! Here's my answers to questions that members of the community have asked about all aspects of podcasting. Enjoy!

Get more TIME as a Creator ⏰
August 14, 2021

If you "don't have enough time", you need to hear this episode.

Podcast Movement: The Good, Bad, and Ugly
August 09, 2021

If you missed Podcast Movement it was a great time.  In this episode I share what I think were the highlights and low lights of the event.  If you went, I'd love to know your key takeaway.  Need support? Join my free community Podcast Build

Why You Need Vulnerability + Origin Story Feat. Michael Sharkey
August 02, 2021

You all already know I am generally anti-guru, but I’m sitting down today with Your Podcast Coach Michael Sharkey, who is truly one of the good ones out there. He’s all about helping you become a better creator - so are you ready to take some next steps f

How to Hit HUGE Goals in your Podcast
July 26, 2021

Do you struggle with hitting your Big Hairy Audacious Goals?I love #bhags - I love setting them - I love crushing them. In this episode I will show you how to reverse engineer your goal into manageable chunks.What we need to do is go to the end and work o

Why SCALING is Overrated (The Parabel of the Podcaster)
July 19, 2021

Podcast GURUS will tell you, "you need to SCALE." When in reality, sometimes the place you are is where you actually want to be.  There's a powerful parabel called The Mexican Fisherman. It helps me remember that not everything is about MASSIVE grow

Why Netflix is getting into Podcasting (and how it's good for you)
July 13, 2021

N'Jeri Eaton was hired away from Apple to become the head of podcasting at Netflix. We're at the forefront of a GOLD RUSH.  In this episode, I share: How you can adapt for the future Why FAANG companies are doling out millions for IP What Netflix's