Linedate CBN

Linedate CBN

Latest Episodes

Episode #5: The Death And Rebirthening of LineDate
August 24, 2020

In this episode, Jared and Isaac are tired and decide to end the podcast... So that they can make a podcast of actual quality

Linedate #3: Guest starring (kinda) Zeke
August 02, 2020

Zeke shows up halfway through the episode and rants about Mass Effect, Isaac spends the episode regaining the will to live, and Jared is happy to be here.

Joey lineDate #2: Featuring Joey
June 25, 2020

We have a guest this time! Joey, who we mentioned last time. Quality has gone down from the first episode.

Linedate #1: Isaac Drives, Jared Tries
June 23, 2020

In this episode of Linedate CBN, we discuss the bible, birds, and stupid media. This is absolutely awful, don't listen to this