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EP06: Our greatest heartbreaks and how we recover | Juanabiher | Icon Paguia ♡
September 27, 2020

Remember the moments in your life when you were going through your greatest heartbreak? I personally think our greatest pains were not caused by someone else. But us— losing the ability to fight hard. In this episode, I shared my inner struggles and how I

EP05: Boosting your confidence as a person (because it is vital) | Juanabiher | Icon Paguia ♡
August 30, 2020

We all know for a fact that we all have our inner struggles. In today’s episode, I talked about the things I did to boost my self confidence even if I am not pretty by social standards. I hope you get something from this as well! Stay sane! If you have an

EP04: To all the dreams that got delayed in the middle of the pandemic | Juanabiher | Icon Paguia ♡
August 02, 2020

Life has been quite rough for us lately and I can't imagine being so close to something but seem impossible due to Covid 19. I hope you're all holding on to what makes your life worthwhile even with all the downfalls we have now and that we may have our b

EP03: A year after Graduation | Juanabiher | Icon Paguia ♡
July 04, 2020

We wanted to be so much of someone else for so long and yet we still find ourselves struggling.. Hi guys! In this episode, I talked about my life after graduation. This is nothing fancy or extravagant. But basically me sharing with you guys what has happe

EP02: A woman's clothing is never an invitation | Juanabiher | Icon Paguia ♡
June 28, 2020

Hi guys! How are you all doing? Tonight I talk about a topic that has been circulating all over social media for quite some time. This is something I want people to know about so that inch by inch, we can put an end to all the bad things women are accused

EP01: How to deal with insecurities? | Juanabiher | Icon Paguia ♡
June 24, 2020

Hey guys! So I'm back fast because I am very excited to talk about a lot of things in my podcast! In this episode, I talked about my personal battles before with my insecurities. Basically, my own take on how I deal with it and make myself the person I am

Meet Juanabiher!
June 24, 2020

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Juanabiher! Today's first upload is just very chill and spontaneous. I only wanted to start a brief introduction about who or what is my podcasts is gonna be about so don't expect too much. In the coming days I will be talking abo