The SteeZ with Carlos D

The SteeZ with Carlos D

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Carlos Perea, co-founder and CEO of Terra Vera
February 05, 2021

With New Mexicos Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham  pushing for marijuana legalization in this weeks State address, we have a Albuquerque-based cannabis CEO give us a little insight and if and how legalizing recreational

We catch up with Steve-O
July 31, 2020

Steve-O was back in Albuquerque to feed 200K people in New Mexico - we find out what he's been up to and he chats about GNARLY his new project. --- Send in a voice message:

C and Z
July 09, 2020

Introducing love.  We talk about what we are doing on "vacation", and masks...#boogereaters --- Send in a voice message:

C.A.R.E Project / Carlos Duran / Jon Jones
July 03, 2020

What's happening Sat July 4th 2020? --- Send in a voice message:

Carlos Duran chats with Jon "BONES" Jones and the C.A.R.E Project
June 24, 2020

Hear from @C.A.R.E.project, what they're about, and how to get involved.#LiveALifeThatMatters--- Send in a voice message: