Nightshade Cult; A Podcast Macabre

Nightshade Cult; A Podcast Macabre

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16. Monkey Man (Patel, 2024) Enter The Monkey
April 15, 2024

Cultists, last weekend your Horror Hosts crept out of the Vault Of Darkness and went to the cinema to see Dev Patel's directorial debut Monkey Man. Action Thrillers might seem slightly outside of our

15. Near Dark (Bigelow, 1987) Vanlife Vampires
April 01, 2024

Cultists, long before Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar, she cut her teeth in the world of Cult Cinema. This episode your Horror Hosts will be putting her solo dire

14. Dune Part 2 (Villeneuve, 2024) Star Wars For Goths Part 2
March 15, 2024

Cultists, the Ides of March are upon us, and your Horror Hosts will be putting Denis Villeneuve's Space Opera Epic, Dune Part 2 on the exam table. N&D actually began their Podcast journey with a Deep

13. Prisoners of the Ghostland (Sono, 2021) Exploded Testicule
March 01, 2024

Cultists, your Horror Hosts have been talking about Dissecting Scion Sonos Prisoners Of The Ghostland, since before its release in 2021. After a stretch of music episodes the time felt right to final

12. Pornography (The Cure, 1982) Post-Post-Punk
February 15, 2024

We've made it Cultists. We've reached the creative peak of The Cure's Goth Trilogy, and bottom of the band's emotional downward spiral. Pornography is The Cure at their darkest, and the mont

11. Faith (The Cure, 1981) Depression Kitty
February 01, 2024

We're back Cultists, continuing our series Dissecting The Cure's Goth Trilogy. This episode your Horror Hosts have 1981s Faith on the examining table. Perhaps the most underappreciated of the trilogy

10. Seventeen Seconds (The Cure, 1980) For Dark Seekers Only
January 15, 2024

Welcome back Cultists. Your Horror Hosts were inspired by Lol Tolhursts book Goth: A History, to put The Cures seminal three album run from the early 80s on the examining table. This episode kicks

9. Year End Favorites (2023)
January 01, 2024

Happy New Year Cultists! At this time of year your Horror Hosts like to look back at their favorite media of the past year and discuss. Not every single piece of media dissected is necessarily macab

8. The Mummy (Kurtzman, 2017) Tom Cruise Killed The Mummy
December 15, 2023

Cultists, Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monstersbut don't get attached to it, because it's not sticking around. Universal's third and final attempt to launch a Dark Universe was 2017s The Mummy

7. Dracula Untold (Shore, 2014) Captain Romania the First Impaler
December 01, 2023

Welcome back, Cultists. For Universals second attempt to Re-Launch their Classic Monsters line, they returned to Count Dracula. Going for a sort of Superhero Origin Story prequel to Bram Stokers no