Latest Episodes

Death of a Hard Disk
November 21, 2020

There is stress and the stages of grief as Jeremy recounts how an important piece of technology dies on him at the most inopportune time.

Your Favourite Day of the Week
November 07, 2020

Jeremy has a theory that your favourite day of the week can tell us a little bit about your personality. Find how if he's accurate.

Bunch of Stuff You (Probably) Didn't Know
September 18, 2020

Jeremy shares a list of things about our world that you probably didn't know about.

The Art of Karaoke
August 10, 2020

Karaoke is an anomaly - you either love or hate it. Jeremy muses on how to make it more enjoyable.

The Way of the Instant Noodle
July 22, 2020

Jeremy contemplates the instant noodle and how amazing it is.

Grab Drivers and Things I've Learned.
July 09, 2020

Conversations with Grab drivers are little adventures in themselves. These interactions can make even the most mundane of car rides, the highlight of the day. Jeremy shares one of his most memorable.

The Nephew
June 24, 2020

A visit from my 3 year old nephew leads to a lesson learned.