Uncut Reality With Shubhika

Uncut Reality With Shubhika

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Passing certain phases
September 21, 2020

This episode indicates all our feelings into one small conversation with all the butterflies flying in our stomach. Yes, this is your feeling. Yes, this is my feeling. Yes, this is our feeling...... Tana

Teacher's Day Special ( Shikshak Diwas Vishesh )
September 21, 2020

Cross-cutting my usual segment, this episode is specially dedicated to all my teachers and also to all the teachers, all over around the world. The term 'Teacher's has no definite explanation but we can always try to express what we feel inside us for our

Kuch Upanyaas Zindgani Ke Naam
July 08, 2020

There are some things from which we can't back off or run away and our experience comes under that. Sometimes life hits us so hard that we can't even afford a blacklash but either to face it in all the ways possible . Some are lucky enough to receive that

Lekin Ek Safar Par Ae Dil Ab Jaana Toh Hoga
June 24, 2020

Shubhika here presents her passion for poetry and shares some of her life experiences whichever unsaid and untold . This piece can be also called as " lekin ek safar par ae dil ab jaana toh hoga " which continues after the Actor , Poet and singer., Javed