Beyond the Device with 3Eye Technologies

Beyond the Device with 3Eye Technologies

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Beyond The Device: Identity Automation in Healthcare
July 18, 2023

In this podcast episode of "Beyond The Device," Reid Estreicher of 3Eye Technologies interviews Mike O'Marra from Identity Automation. They discuss the significant role Identity Automation plays in the healthcare sector by providing solutio

Beyond the Device: Hypergate
December 14, 2022

Single Sign On is a powerful tool that has tangible benefits in the workplace. With SSO, users no longer need to manually log into each individual resource they access as part of their job - saving them time and energy while also providing an extra layer

Beyond The Device: ScaleFusion
December 07, 2022

Season 3 | Episode 36In this episode of Beyond the Device, host Reid Estreicher is joined by Amit Poona and Steven Gohl of Scalefusion to show that not all MDM's are created equally. Many of the MDM's in the market today are singularly focused

Beyond the Device: OuterFactor
November 29, 2022

10 years ago Conor Macfarlane founded 3Eye Technologies. As a specialty distributor focused on mobility, identity and security, Conor identified an unmet market need in that mobile device protection has always been focused as a B2C play. So if you'

Beyond the Device Episode 34: Syncdog
October 03, 2022

What a lot of people dont understand is how mobile device management works. Oftentimes, people ask if it is software and the answer to that is yes and no. MDM is a solution that uses software as a component in order to provision and protect mobile device

Beyond the Device: Push to Talk with RAM & AINA
August 03, 2022

Caramie Huntington (AINA) and Kyle Lonzak from RAM Mounts join Reid Estreicher on the Beyond the Device podcast to share how they have joined forces to create a best in class Push-to-Talk bundle available through 3Eye Technologies.AINA is compatible with

Beyond The Device: Mobilizing Healthcare Workflow with Altus
July 19, 2022

Traveling from room to room and floor to floor in a clinical or hospital setting is already exhausting enough. But bringing a heavy and uncomfortable workstation around brings the effort to another level. So nurses want something that’s functional, mobile

Beyond the Device: Push to Talk with AINA
July 05, 2022

Caramie Huntington joins the Reid Estreicher and the Beyond the Device Podcast to discuss how AINA has evolved critical Push-to-Talk applications over multiple licensed and unlicensed bands with multiple devices that are worn on body and in-vehicle for la

Beyond the Device: RAM Mounts with Kyle Lonzak
July 05, 2022

Reid Estreicher, host of 3Eye Technologies Beyond the Device podcast and Vice President, Business Development discusses RAM Mounts for Laptops and with Kyle Lonzak, Business Development Manager at RAM Mounts.  In this episode of Beyond the Device, Kyle L

Beyond The Device: Identity Security with Iuncta
June 14, 2022

Swale Nunez joins us on this episode of Beyond the Device to discuss Identity Management, Web3 and your identity in the Metaverse. "What we are hoping to do is give users back control over their digital identity," says Swale Nunez. "You