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Afterthoughts Podcast | Real Men Worship feat. Kory Miller - Ep.35
April 18, 2024

Special guest Kory Miller joins Ethan and Ryan to talk about worship, Kory's journey, and his new album.

Afterthoughts Podcast | When People Walk Out While You're Preaching - Ep. 34
April 10, 2024

The guys talk about the solar eclipse event, the I Am series, and what they think when people walk out when they're preaching.

The Way, The Truth, The Life
April 07, 2024

Jesus makes a bold claim at the Last Supper when he says, "no one comes to the Father except through me." But don't all roads and religions lead to the same destination in the end? Jesus has the answe

Afterthoughts Podcast | Questions with Kayla TAKEOVER - Ep. 33
April 04, 2024

The guys answer all the hard hitting questions including dinosaurs in the Bible, when to get baptized, predestination, surrendering to God, and a Red Rocks dating app?

The Resurrection and the Life
March 31, 2024

The resurrection means many things for your life. If you're anxious, there's peace. If you're sad, there's hope. If you're dead, there's life. If you're hesitant, there's evidence. If you're fine, the

Afterthoughts Podcast | Don't Tame Christianity (With Special Guest Tim Hawks) - Ep. 32
March 27, 2024

Tim Hawks joins the guys to talk about his journey as a Pastor in Austin for 35 years bringing words of wisdom and talking Easter and March Madness.

The Good Shepherd
March 24, 2024

Jesus doesn't just call himself "The Shepherd" He says, "I AM the GOOD Shepherd." What does this mean to the people listening to him and what does it mean for us?

Afterthoughts Podcast | You've Been Getting Terrible Advice Your Whole Life - Ep. 31
March 24, 2024

Special guest Jordan Mccaslin joins the guys to talk about his story, his journey through ministry, March Madness, and the current I Am series.

I am the Door
March 17, 2024

Jesus is the door. In week 3 of the I AM series, Ryan reminds us that in a world where we want to be the door keepers and deciders of who is in and who is out, the full and abundant life we are lookin

Afterthoughts Podcast | A Comedian’s Journey from Atheism to Christianity - Ep. 30
March 14, 2024

Jamie Kilstein joins the show to talk about his new found faith and what led him there.