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What's the growth talk?
August 26, 2020

Choices we end up making in life are greatly dependent on our emotions. So to make the right ones, it's vital that we learn to navigate our feelings. Emotions, that's what we're about.

The wrong crowd
July 31, 2020

Why do we find ourselves among the wrong crowd sometimes? How can one tell if he or she is rolling with the wrong persons?

Positive Vibes Only?
July 08, 2020

What harm could there be in lovely phrases such as: positive vibes only, you should always be happy, and look on the bright side? This episode discusses toxic positivity.

July 01, 2020

No one is a hundred percent problem free. Despite this fact, something makes a difference, the difference is made by how we deal with our worries or cope with our anxiety. This episode provides helpful tips that are absolutely beneficial in the fight agai

Welcome to GTK
June 25, 2020

An introduction to Growth Talk with Kris.