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Episode 96: Martine Torres Part Deux
April 03, 2024

On this episode we have the enigmatic yet omnipresent Martine Torres! Some call him The Vanilla Gorilla and in some circles Marty Party.He came and graced The Millennialistic studio to discuss his upcoming project with his pals at LucidMindz, stories from

Episode 95
March 20, 2024

The boys take a deep dive into skateboarding, skate culture, skating, Jackass, skating video games, skating videos, skating, Tony Hawk, skate shops, and more skating! #MillennialisticPod #Nashville #Skat

Episode 94: Wick-it the Instigator Part II
March 13, 2024

If you liked part I of this interview, you're gonna love part II! We take a deeper dive into the last 50 years of hip-hop, dabble in some politics, and Wick-it challenges all of you suckas to a game on ping-pong! Make sure to go follow Wick-it on Ins

Episode 93: Wick-it the Instigator Part I
March 06, 2024

Buckle up for this one! We had such a fun time with Wick-it the Instigator as we got into our favorite Canadian comedy shows, some festivals highlights for #DJWickIt and discuss how much we hate snow. Part II coming next week so stay tuned in! Go follow W

Episode 92: Tom Garland
February 21, 2024

Stand-up comic and director, Tom Garland comes on the show to talk about his stand-up career, how he transitioned into filming, and ended up directing his own documentary, 'Arcade Gamer: The True Story.' Make sure to go stream it on Tubi,  Fawes

Episode 91
February 18, 2024

90 more episode than you thought we'd make it... The fellas are at it again discussing the new #Kanye album, the Super Bowl, and new advancements in AI. Make sure to rate and review our show our Spotify and Apple Podcasts, follow us on Facebook and I

Episode 90: Nick Sangi Part II
February 06, 2024 right back into it with the homie Sangi on Part II of this epic sit-down! We get into skating, talk about Sangi's up-an-coming food truck, and our ideal statue proportions. Make sure to go like and subscri

Episode 89: Nick Sangi Pt I
January 31, 2024

We're back for our first episode of the year and it's a good one! The good homie Sangi comes on the podcast as we discuss Christmas as kids, what's it's like to work on Broadway, and 80's pro wrestling shenanigan's!!! Tune in

Episode 88: Dale Jr Episode
December 12, 2023

The boys are taking a lot of left turns on this one... From propaganda, Eminem getting cancelled, and AI (for like the 40th time probably) #MillennialisticPod #Nashville #Eminem #AI #MerryChristmasSuppo

Episode 87: Snoop Quits the Weeds??
November 30, 2023

The boyz are back at it! Thank you again for tuining in. This episode we cover the new Andre 3000 album, mass robberies, and Snoop Dogg going smokeless #MillennialisticPod #Nashville #Andre3000 #SnoopDog