Real TALK 100

Real TALK 100

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Who I'm I in 2024
January 03, 2024

Do a self evaluation of your life. --- Support this podcast:

The world as we knew it.
June 02, 2023

Understand that the world is heading into a new world order but don't be afraid.--- Support this podcast:

Things of the world
March 19, 2023

Looking closely into your environment. --- Support this podcast:

Let's do better in 2023
November 25, 2022

Let's change the world and our own conditions. --- Support this podcast:

New days ahead
October 08, 2022

Let's not be stop at the polls when we vote let's get it done. --- Support this podcast:

respecting each other loving one another
March 14, 2022

ruling over another man or country. wars in the west--- Support this podcast:

wake up it's time
December 09, 2021

enlighten yourself with your new ideals encourage each other but pay attention. --- Support this podcast:

unfair Justice in America
November 20, 2021

The verdict of a young murderer in Wisconsin not fair and completely one sided. --- Support this podcast:

A time to pray it's prayer time
November 19, 2021

it's your season too be productive in life. --- Support this podcast:

intelligence vs stupidity about the covid-19 shot
August 20, 2021

awareness about the thing's we say we are afraid of like the covid-19 outbreak and the shot to help fight against it. --- Support this podcast: