Ron Johnson Discipleship Podcast

Ron Johnson Discipleship Podcast

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E200 The Transforming Power of a Christian Worldview
April 18, 2024

Today we celebrate our 200thpodcast! We discuss the power of a biblical worldview to deliver us from a "fishbowl sized Christianity" into an oceanic perspective of faith. We also highlight the remarkable power of a Christian worldview to foster

E199 The Transformer
April 11, 2024

This week America witnessed a total eclipse. Unfortunately, what could have been a perfect opportunity to highlight the truth of our Christian worldview was hijacked by end time hysteria and prophetic prognosticators. We also witnessed a surge of interest

E198 The Destroyer Returns
April 04, 2024

If the spirit of Molech were to return America, a nation that had rejected God and His principles, would he once again require blood and child sacrifice? Baal's goal was to erase the law of God and to inspire lawlessness and rebellion. Ishtar's objective

E197 The Destroyer
March 28, 2024

His name is Molech and he is associated with the darkest of sins, the sacrifice of children. This evil practice, which God calls an "abomination," was nearly universal in the pagan world. Children were routinely subjected to mistreatment, abuse

E196 The Sacred Prostitute
March 21, 2024

It should come as no surprise that Baal's deification of profit and pleasure would lead to Ishtar's sexualization of American culture and the public monetization of sex. As sexual expression was "liberated" from the marriage bed, it became a com

E195 The Great Seduction
March 14, 2024

The seduction of American culture has been radical! As sexual expression was severed from the biblical confines of the marriage covenant, sex became deified. Sex was the new god. Sex was pursued as an end without regard to marriage, love or relationship. 

E194 The Enchantress Returns
March 07, 2024

It was the apostasy and rebellion of the spirit of Baal which opened the door for the entrance of Ashtoreth and unbridled sexuality, licentiousness and depravity (Judges 10:6). It happened in ancient Israel, and it is happening in America today. We have w

E193 The Enchantress
February 29, 2024

Another election cycle is coming to town which means the Left will be coming out with their new list of scare tactics to keep Christians from being politically engaged. The latest bogeyman? White Christian Nationalism. Evidently if you love God and countr

E192 Becoming What We Worship
February 22, 2024

The spirit of Baal is a spirit of apostasy. Baal's assignment was to turn God's people away from Him. He promises prosperity, fulfillment and liberation, but in the end, it results in total bondage. Scripture tells us that we become like that which we wor

E191 The Deep Magic
February 01, 2024

As America turned from God to the spirit of Baal, a transformation took place. We have witnessed the gradual paganization of America and Western Culture. Baal is an overturner. He seeks to blend, blur and break God-given distinctions. His goal is to erase