Those Who Came Before Us

Those Who Came Before Us

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African History: The AbaiseWakooli of Bukooli, Busoga
April 01, 2024

Today, I cover the pre-colonial history of the Bukooli state of the AbaiseWakooli clan up to 1900. Bukooli was one of the many states that came to make up the modern traditional kingdom of Busoga in Uganda, East Africa.I start with the origin of their fou

Busoga History: The AbaiseMenha of Bugweri
March 20, 2023

Bugweri is one of the chiefdoms that make up the current kingdom of Busoga.It is ruled by the AbaiseMenha clan. Imbued with the authority of Mukama from Bunyoro kingdom in the 18th century, their founder Kakaire established himself in the southern part of

Busoga Folklore: The Leopard that thought he was too clever.
March 09, 2023

This is a morbid cautionary tale from Busoga in Uganda. It was told by Christopher Baseuse from the AbaiseKiranda clan. It was recorded by historian David Cohen at Baseuse's home on 7 October 1966.Follow me onInstagram at twcbupodTiktok at ThoseWhoCa

Busoga History: The AbaiseNgobi of Kigulu
March 02, 2023

The AbaiseNgobi are the clan from which the Kyabazinga(king) of Busoga will be picked.They are the royals of the kingdom. There were many states which were under their leadership.Today I discuss the pre-colonial history of the AbaiseNgobi of Kigulu chiefd

Busoga Folklore: Why the Monkey and Elephant are friends
February 24, 2023

This story is based on the folklore called "The famine" which was collected by Mrs George Baskerville. I think the name change is more fitting. lol.The name of the book it was published in is called "The Flame Tree and other folklore."

The Many Chiefdoms of Busoga: Kintu and Mukama
October 20, 2022

The Busoga kingdom is located in Eastern Uganda. It's one of the 5 monarchies of Uganda.Today I talk about the pre-colonial beginnings of Busoga. Kintu and Mukama are two men mentioned as being the fathers of the people who founded the many states t

The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara: Pre-colonial Warfare
February 08, 2022

In todays episode, we talk about the military of the pre-colonial African kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara. For most of its history, Bunyoro did not have a standing army. Instead, they relied on the common man to take up arms when called upon by his chiefs. Th

The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara: The Kubandwa Religion
January 03, 2022

Before the arrival of Christianity and Islam, the religion of Kubandwa was an East African spirit possession faith practiced by many groups in the great lakes region. It is still practiced today to a much smaller degree and has a terrible/unfair reputatio

The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara: Pre-Colonial Bunyoro Society
September 21, 2021

This episode is an attempt to reconstruct the pre-colonial society of Bunyoro. I discuss their clans, livelihoods, marriage and justice etc. Please note that the information presented was collected during the colonial period in Uganda. Therefore it is im

The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara: Pre-colonial Authority
July 02, 2021

The following episode is an examination of the kingship and authority in the pre-colonial Bunyoro state. SourcesJohn Beattie, Bunyoro; An African Kingdom (New York: Holt Rinehart and Winston Inc, 1960) p181,J.W. Nyakatura, Anatomy of an African Kingdom (