Living the Abundant Life Christian Center Dr. Samuel Meredith

Living the Abundant Life Christian Center Dr. Samuel Meredith

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April 01, 2024

Supposition is the practice of listening to the enemies scenarios that are based on if. "If a person says or. does this, I will do that." After meditating on the scenario for a while, the enemy will bring an opportunity to carry out the scenario

March 27, 2024

Jesus was moved with compassion. When He was moved with compassion, He took action. Compassion is love in action, it causes you to do something. Sometimes compassion can change the trajectory of your life. It will motivate you to make a difference in o

Worthy of His Calling
March 26, 2024

God wants to make us worthy of His calling. Embedded in the calling is the desire to communicate with God. We can't do the task without His assistance. As we communicate with Him a relationship will began to form. Eventually, we will began talking to

March 19, 2024

Hope is an example of Love in Action. We may recognize this as a testimony where it will inspire hope. Sometimes God will prepare us and send us out to be an example or inspire hope to individuals. These individuals become beacons of hope for others.

Great Opposition
March 05, 2024

The enemy will use offense as a method to keep believers from developing their christian walk. Believers are destined to do something great however, this will only be achieved if we are serving and serving at the right church.

The Defensive Player
March 01, 2024

When we first began playing basketball our greatest contribution will be defense until we develop our offensive game. God operates the same, in that He will send us somewhere to help someone else achieve their goals before His ultimate plan for our lives

Agape Love
February 28, 2024

God loved us so much that He gave His son. He was willing to give His all for us. At times we must be willing to demonstrate this agape love before we receive our request from God.

The Appointed Time
February 12, 2024

The appointed time is a set time when God will introduce Himself to you or reveal His plans for you. Sometimes, He reveals His plans later in life and other times He will reveal His plans at an early age. Sometimes, when He reveals His plans, He must enro

God's Will
February 05, 2024

We don't have to plead with God for Him to reveal His will for our lives. He wants to reveal Himself more than we desire. To know His will, we must start doing whatever He tells us. Soon, He will reveal to us what He ultimately wants us to do in life

Confirming His Word II
February 03, 2024

God will send us to our place of employment so He can work with us and confirm His word in us. His goal is to use us to make that place prosper. He wants to distinguish us from the other employees. He wants us to live a life of power, meaning He will conf