Now Entering Cryptid County

Now Entering Cryptid County

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Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 5 – Dogmen
November 07, 2020

This week we throw you a bone and talk about DOGMEN - from McGruff the Crime Dog to Goofy to the woods of Michigan we cover the lore of Dogmen and have a howling good time. Im sorry. These puns are ba

Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 4 – Squonk
September 03, 2020

Emily and Stu meet the saddest, most awesome little cryptid - Pennsylvanias teary-eyed forest monster SQUONK! This is the cutest episode yet!Songs used: Genesis - Squonk, Lacrimacorpus Dissolvens

Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 3 – Ogopogo
August 11, 2020

This week we take a deep DIVE into the waters of Okanagan Lake, down below the silt and through the cavernous tunnels, to uncover the mystery of Ogopogo - Canadas very own serpentine water cryptid! Al

Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 2 – The Wampus Cat
June 27, 2020

Emily and Tink hike the Appalachian Trail in search of information on the Wampus Cat - a cougar woman with a rich history and lore!Big Cats of the Southeast (Part 3): The Wampus Cat and Other Anth

Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 1 – The Alabama White Thang
May 23, 2020

Emily and Tink get lost in the backwoods of Alabama in search of the Alabama White Thang - a cat alien bigfoot kangaroo monster that lurks around the northern part of the state. We discuss the potenti