Party Plane

Party Plane

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Party Plane - Episode 10
January 17, 2021

It's a good thing you called us - we had to take out a piece of the floor, but it's clear - your hell froze over. Look, if your builder was still in business, I'd say call him, but frankly you're luck

Party Plane - Episode 9
October 25, 2020

"Are we... Don Henley?" James asks the question. You won't like the answer.

Party Plane - Episode 8
August 30, 2020

*WERNER HERZOG TAKES OFF HEADPHONES* You must never listen to this... GLENN FREY SOLO SHOW! *airhorn* *"mayor of partytown" sash falls across your broad, oaken shoulders*

Party Plane - Episode 7
August 12, 2020

Hello! We're back, drunk, and closing out the 70s! B-sides, live tracks, guest shots! No Brad, YOU'RE crying during Seven Bridges Road! Shut the fuck up, man, Heather's here!

Party Plane - Episode 6
July 26, 2020

Hello! Acrimony! Drug use! A total lack of ideas! This podcast, or the final Eagles album? YOU DECIDE!

Party Plane - Episode 5
July 19, 2020

Hello! Your wine? Listen, it's hard keeping stuff in stock right now. Supply chains and all that, yeah. The captain? I can ask him, but honestly, his Zoom is not great right now. Xplornet, that's righ

Party Plane - Episode 4
July 12, 2020

Hello! Disco! Banjo-prog! Castrato bassists! It's One of These MFing Nights! Bad vibes only!

Party Plane - Episode 3
July 05, 2020

Hello! Don't eat your lunch all by yourself, eat it with us! Just kidding - everyone involved in this scenario is an asshole! Eagles, baby!

Party Plane - Episode 2
June 30, 2020

Hello! We're putting out our episode on Desperado at the same time! Not to prove we fixed the sound this time. Because it's a wild west cowboy opera, that's why. Also we fixed the sound!

Party Plane - Episode 1
June 30, 2020

Hello! James and Chet review the Eagles' eponymous debut long player, EAGLES. Some of the sound is NOT GREAT because we are doing OUR BEST in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. No refunds!