Raising Christian Kids

Raising Christian Kids

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MOMents with Lori & Lee Ann – 5 Types of Prodigal Children
April 17, 2024

Once a month, Lori and Lee Ann will discuss complex topics regarding parenting and disciplining. Lori Wildenberg is a national speaker, a licensed parent-family educator of over 25 years, and an award-winning author of six Christian parenting books. Lori

Laura Sassi Shares 4 Tips to Help Teach Biblical Concepts to Young Children
April 15, 2024

I want them to know just how much God loves them, how that is demonstrated again and again in the stories in the Bible, and how he loves when we come to him with our emotions, with our needs, tell him what's going on, come to him to ask for forgiveness.

Helping Children Challenge Cultural Lies & Live Out God’s Design
April 10, 2024

If we really start undergirding kids with a biblical worldview and showing them how these other worldviews really don't align with reality, then a lot of those questions will go away because they don't have the bad assumptions to begin with. Hillary Mo

Parenting Challenges & Harmful Effects of Social Media in Today’s Modern Culture
April 08, 2024

I think parents today, more than ever, tend to really want their kids not to experience pain or anything negative. And I think that's understandable in the short run, but in the long run, it really hurts them because all of a sudden, they're out in the r

Inspiring Teens to Embrace Their Unique Potential Within God’s Kingdom
April 03, 2024

Lets help our children become influencers for Christ!Tessa Emily Hall is an award-winning author who wrote her debut novel when she was sixteen. She is now a multi-published author of Christian books for teenage girls, including her latest release, INFL

Dr. Magdalena Battles Shares Expertise on Parenting, Family Dynamics, and Faith
April 01, 2024

Some of these hidden behaviors that we talk about are gossip and forgiveness, criticizing others, judging others. And these are all things that God talks about in His word and how to handle these things. And His word is the greatest authority. Dr. Mag

How To Teach Children About African American Heroes & Race
March 27, 2024

We have to make sure we dont make a feature of who we are the foundation of who we are. Race is a feature, but Christ is the foundation. Gender is a feature, but Christ is the foundation. But when we take political sides, and we make features foundation

Becoming a Powerful Praying Parent Using Scripture & These 16 Areas of Prayer
March 25, 2024

Sharon Jaynes has been encouraging women through ministry for over twenty-five years. She is the author of 24 books with Harvest House, Moody Publishers, Baker Books, Multnomah Publishers, and Thomas Nelson. Sharon is a frequent guest on radio and televis

How To Break Free from Mom Guilt & Embrace Your Superpowers
March 20, 2024

And this was a pretty in-depth survey. So, the fact that over 1,000 women took it was amazing, and I wanted to know how much mom guilt was affecting them, and 96% of women said it was." -Alli Worthington.Alli Worthington, known for her straight-talking

How to Raise a Woman Who Is Resilient Against Toxic Teachings & Abuse
March 18, 2024

When we teach girls that they are at least partially responsible for boys' sin, they're far more likely to marry an abuser because we're teaching them it is normal for boys to lust after you and treat you badly. -Sheila Gregoire.Sheila Wray Gregoire is