Growing with me...

Growing with me...

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Bookish seg #2
December 20, 2020

The Liveship trader tribology - Robin Hobb Sacred sexual union _ Anaiya Sophia Spirit hacking - Sharman Durek 

#6 Aquarius Era!! & that too shall pass
December 20, 2020

In this episode i talk about summer solstice, The awakening, Golden age, awakening symptoms, the portal & things we can do to help these things... Balanced lovesss <3

#5 September new moon & ascension Tingz
September 02, 2020

This episode I about things that are coming up in my awareness in my current time. I talk about the 2020 lions gate, September new moon, and all that has been coming up into my awareness. I do not own the right to this audio.

#4 Swimming in the darkness...
July 16, 2020

Letting you’re mind spiral out of control? Yeah, me to.

Bookish Seg#1
July 07, 2020

What I am reading. Fuck it? (This episode is not of the best mic quality)

#3 What’s up? Take ya feet off... It’s OK to ask for help.
July 07, 2020

This episode I talk about what I coming up for me. Perfection? More tips & tricks to help youself. And a lot of other little trinkets

#2 housekeeping for the mind
June 24, 2020

Small tips on how to veiw self care for the mind.