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‘Need You By Me’ is Bizarre so Far: My Black Romance Read-A-Thon Update
July 28, 2022

Today I give you guys an update on my Black Romance Read-A-Thon, where I give my in-depth thoughts about the books Ive read and am currently reading so far: Go Deep, Honey & Spice, I Wanna Be Where You Are, and Need You By Me

My Love Letter To ‘I Think I Might Love You’… Mid-Year Freakout Tag
July 20, 2022

i think i might love you is my answer to everything -bryanna shant Today I give my mid-year reading update using the Mid-Year Freakout Tag

My Black Romance Read-a-thon!
July 20, 2022

Today I talk about the books that I will be reading for my black romance read-a-thon this summer, including an update on the books on this list that ive already read

Not Even Drake & Beyoncé can Save this Wack Ass Summer I Fear
July 13, 2022

Today I talk about Drakes new album Honestly, Nevermind, Chle and Normani working with Chris Brown, the house music genre, Beyoncs comeback single Break My Soul, and how trash this summer is so far

Intermission: The Books I Read In May
June 29, 2022

Today I talk about all the books I read in May

Intermission: Adult Romance Authors, we Need to Talk
June 22, 2022

Today I talk about all the books I read in April

Intermission: My Expectations for Beyoncé’s “Renaissance”
June 16, 2022

Todays episode is an update for yesterdays where I talk about my expectations of Beyoncs 7th studio album Renaissance, Chles new single Surprise, and the fact that people need to leave Blue Ivy alone

Intermission: Nick Cannon and Beyoncé
June 15, 2022

Hi guys! I know its been a minute but Im back. Unfortunately its not the beginning of Season 4 yet (idk I just dont feel like its time yet) but Im back to talk about Nick and his squadron of kids and what i feel Beyoncs 7th studio album is gonna s

Season 3, Episode 29: Popular Books that I will not be Adding to my TBR
April 21, 2022

On the Season 3 finale of Voicenotes, I talk about some wildly popular books that I wont be adding to my TBR and why

Season 3, Episode 28: The Music Industry is in Shambles
April 13, 2022

Today I talk about Chles new single Treat Me and the state of the music industry right now