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Randomville, CA

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Randomville Season 01, Episode 14: Texas vs Cali, WAP, Blockbuster and much more...
August 18, 2020

Citizens of Randomville, the team took a short vacay but is BACK.  After a two week break, the guys talk Texas vs Cali.  Is it time to move?  Is What-A-Burger really worth it?  Are there any other states that would be worth moving out

BONUS - Ones Gotta Go - 01 - R&B Solo Artist
July 31, 2020

Join Moses, John, Chris, Nate and Uncle Will as they go down the road of eliminating one from a list of 4 of the greatest R&B solo artists in the history of R&B.  Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendegrass, Isaac Hayes, and Al Green are on the table. &nbs

Randomville Season 01, Episode 13: Magic City Wing Night, Snoop vs DMX and Prince vs Rick James...
July 29, 2020

Citizens of Randomville, the team is back for another week just out here talking to you all.  Nothing like getting everyone together and having some good conversation.  John, Jorly, Moses and Chris are joined by Uncle Will and Nate for a great w

Randomville Season 01, Episode 12: Ninja Bears, Locked up vs On-The-Run, and more...
July 22, 2020

Citizens of Randomville. Moses, John, Chris get with Uncle Will and Nate this week to talk about some Kettlebell origins and nunchuck bears.  The guys talk equality and senators that think all black people look alike and they just HAVE to mention a l

Randomville Season 01, Episode 11: Karens Wild'N Out and Ben Simmons misses again...
July 15, 2020

Welcome back Residents of Randomville. Moses, John, Jorly and Chris get with Uncle Will and Nate this week to talk about some of these Karens running around ending up on social media. Chris learns a new term from Uncle Will. The group discusses the NBA bu

Randomville Season 01, Episode 10: Sports get COVID, Instagram is getting wild and Kanye for Prez
July 08, 2020

Welcome back Residents of Randomville.  Chris, John and Moses get with Uncle Will this week to talk about the last couple weeks including the July 4th weekend.  They run down some of the current events that are happened since they took a little

Randomville Season 01, Episode 04 : Is Russell Wilson an MVP?
June 24, 2020

John, Moses and Chris gather on Zoom to talk more quarantine and give their takes on the most recent news.  More on Iron Mike and can Holyfield actually be thinking about fight number 3.  They focus on getting fit on lock down and talk NFL, whic

Randomville Season 01, Episode 09: Ja Rule loves Greek food and NFL COVID Helmets
June 24, 2020

John, Moses, Unk, Nate and Chris go over some of the hot topics this week.  Ja Rule surprises everyone with an AMAZING (sarcasm) greek restaurant commercial.  NFL shows off a covid helmet that is pointless.  Talk Racial Equality vs Statue r

Randomville Season 01, Episode 08: Racists gets slapped and Boxing is starting to come around
June 17, 2020

Jorly, John, Nate and Chris come together to discuss some Animal Crossing.  The guys discuss the newest viral videos of racists and how people are starting to, LITERALLY FIGHT BACK.  Chris reveals his secret love for uplifting primate videos. &n

Randomville Season 01, Episode 07: DREW BREES and the NFL IS BACK
June 10, 2020

Moses, John and Chris welcome back Uncle Will and also welcome newcomer to the pod, Nate.  As the guys catch up they go in on Drew Brees and discuss what needs to be done not only by Drew but by the NFL.  THE NBA IS BACK BABY!!!  They all d