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Episode 7: Savannah Kujawski on Her Journey to Becoming a Trauma Informed Healer, Discovering Her Connection to the Moon and How Trauma Deeply Impacts Women's Relationships with Menstruation
July 28, 2020

In today's episode, I am so excited to be talking with Savannah Kujawski of Savvy Awakening on her powerful work with women and trauma. Savannah aims to assist as many women as possible in their journey of integration. Her approach is focused on the influ

Episode 6: Interview with LaToya Crick Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Teacher, Soil Ecologist, Gardener and Writer on the Importance of Soil Health, Good Food, Astrology, Inner Awareness & Much More
July 20, 2020

Hello and welcome to Episode 6! Thank you so much for tuning into today's interview with LaToya Crick. In this episode, we cover all the bases-- astrology basics, where to begin when looking at your chart, soil science, soil health, the importance of REAL

Episode 5: Interview with Rachel Wylie; Community Coordinator, Connection Builder, & Sustainable Food Movement Advocate
July 13, 2020

Please welcome Rachel Wylie to Remembering! Rachel & and I went to High School together and haven't talked in YEARS but reconnected through this podcast. In today's episode, I am honored to be discussing with Rachel the many ways she is making both sm

Episode 3: Interview with Tessa Shabram on Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Small Steps to a Brighter Future
July 11, 2020

The first guest on the show! Hooray!  I am so excited to be posting this interview with my amazing cousin, Tessa Shabram. I am honored to have her on the show as my very first guest.  Tessa is an environmental engineer, climate activist, and eve

Episode 4: The Energetics & Healing Messages of Rose; Opening the Heart in the Face of Fear & Healing the Mother Wound
July 10, 2020

Today I discuss the healing power and energetic gifts of Rose-- the Mother of All Flowers. This flower is one of my ally's, though I denied myself this relationship for quite a long time. In recent months I have been working with her a lot, and especially

Episode 2: The Medicine of Self-Heal & St. John's + Energetic Update
June 30, 2020

Just a short episode to keep the momentum going in the show and update you guys about what I have going on, what's going on in the world right, as well. I also share about the plant spirit medicine of Self Heal & St. John's-wort.  Thanks for tuni

The Fool: First Episode! Diving Into the Abyss of Inspiration & Tarot Reading for the Show
June 25, 2020

Welcome to Remembering! I am so glad you're here. This is it! We're diving into the show with a short introduction into who I am (the host) and why I am creating this podcast, along with a short tarot reading for the show and its future. I hope you enjoy

Remembering (Trailer)
June 24, 2020