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Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #211 Mayor Johnson still in Hot Water!
April 07, 2024

We are looking at the Mayor of Chicago and how he is still in hot water over the city problems with politics and crime. There is still no resolution and the people of Chicago are angry! Also a touch on the Diddy situation and how we trust people who we th

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #210
March 24, 2024

We are looking at the corruption and disrespectful behavior displayed by the Mayor of Dolton Tiffany Henyard and how her disregard of the people may have just opened up Pandora's box for other thing including a Vegas trip that has allegations of sexua

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #208
March 09, 2024

Sooooo we went back to the moon and no one said a word!! I remember when it was national news when we did anything dealing with outer space! Now everything is a secret not to forget they " lost " the tech to go back to the moon! Let's not fo

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #204
February 15, 2024

We are back and talking about the man I love to hate....Elon Musk yall. Serioulsy we can do good things with technology but how can things go bad if we let tech go too far? Then lets talk about how we have mass production of fake chicken and streak but th

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #203
February 05, 2024

We are back taking about how Mayor Brandon Johnson is facing mass criticism across Chicago from the disappointment of his leading. Then lets talk about how the brick lady just flat out lied and now has been slapped with jail time and fines! Please like an

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #199
January 06, 2024

We are talking about the explosive interview Katt Williams had on Club Shay Shay! We're gonna break down from Kevin Hart, Ricky Smiley, Ludacris and more!! Even a little Elon Musk!! Please like and subscribe for more!IG: mayday_mayhaimIf no one told y

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #195
December 14, 2023

Who is to blame Chicago? Contaminated land and at what cost? Lets talk about it.Thank you for listen and watching. Please like and subscribe!If no one told you they love you, then I do I truly do!Make sure you do better today than you did yesterday and

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #193
December 13, 2023

Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis are teaming up and showing out! Blueface may have a case of the blues ( big frowny face )Thank You for watching! Please like and subscribe!If no one told you they love you, then I do I truly do! Make sure you do better t

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #192
December 05, 2023

We are back for another Sunday conversation with Bob Bowman! Accountability and Access?If no one told you they love you I do I truly do! Make sure you do better today than you did yesterday and strive for a better tomorrow today!--- Support this pod

Mayday Mayhaim Podcast #191
December 03, 2023

We are talking to an amazing woman who is trying to bring awareness to mental health and why it is not talked about more in the lower income communities? Also Ms. Jamaican Blazin Chocolate is an artist and also a mom whom has been affected by mental healt