Clocking Out

Clocking Out

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I Go To Seek A Great Perhaps, But I Don't Want to Meet It Yet- Last Night's Awakening
March 22, 2021

Special shout-out to my English and History teachers, my friend Ayemhenre, and those who voted for the title on Instagram and Snapchat!Links to the Books:The Awakening- for Alaska- http

New Year, New Season: a collaboration with my friends and I!
January 06, 2021

Thank you all so much for over 100 plays! As a way to celebrate, this episode features some of my best friends, where we talk about the IB Program, the pro's/con's of quarantine, and our personality types! Enjoy :) Personal Instagrams: @clockingout_podcas

The Stressful Specialization of the Human Gift
November 13, 2020

While the world and my motivation have been on fire, Ive taken some interesting self-reflections about who I really am and who Ive wanted to be... and Ive decided to follow the former. *Warning: Explicit cursing is used in this episode*--- Send in

The Evolution of Growing Up: My Life Lessons (This Far)
September 22, 2020

Hey, its been a while. I kind of wanted to give free styling a try, and I ended up giving advice and philosophical food for thoughts. Let me know what you think :)--- Send in a voice message:

Objectification and Misogyny- The Controversial Nature of Sexuality
August 19, 2020

After hearing some analyses about the music video sweeping the world by storm, I take the road less traveled and talk about how its not as empowering as everyone thinks it is.--- Send in a voice message:

The Frustrating and Liberating Reality of Online Life
August 01, 2020

Virtual learning and social media are double-edged swords that seem to have plagued us all more than usual. This is my firsthand experience, and my advice to you for whats to come.--- Send in a voice message:

How to Serve Others in a Pandemic- My Story
July 15, 2020

Everything is independent and online- including helping people. How do you adapt to that, and how can your current skill set be used to your advantage?--- Send in a voice message:

The Black Theology and the Black Church: My Experience
July 01, 2020

Taking the Christian message of Jesus into the context of the Black population, where is the Black Church in the crises we are facing? Where are we as Black people in the struggles that we are enduring? --- Send in a voice message:

Clocking Out (Trailer)
June 24, 2020

--- Send in a voice message: