Beyond Your Best Plan

Beyond Your Best Plan

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There Is No Such Thing As A "Free Lunch." Your Purpose Has A Price Tag Attached To It
April 12, 2023

"Western society has sold us this bill of goods that we are all entitled to be rich, thin, and happy. Yet no one mentions: what price are you willing to pay for that?" In this week's episode, Whitnie, Claudette, and Catherine talk about the price to

Don't Let Your Limitations Become Your Identity
April 05, 2023

"The more you believe there's a limitation, the more it will be."In today's episode, Claudette, Catherine, and Whitnie talk about limitations. They share their personal experiences with limitations, how they managed to conquer them in the past, and how th

Stand In Your Power And Move Forward
March 29, 2023

Are you letting other people's thoughts or opinions get in your way?In this episode, 3 of the Fab 5 discuss "to care or not to care about what other people think..." Katherine, Whitnie, and Claudette share their thoughts on why caring too much about what

Business Is A Spiritual Game
March 22, 2023

"Go at your own pace, do not give in to anybody's pressure."In this episode, the Fab 5 talks about the connection between spirituality and business. The quality and number of things we create in the world are deeply rooted in how much we allow ourselves,

Building Your Confidence
March 15, 2023

Lack of confidence is not a bad thing. It becomes bad when it keeps you from taking action.In this episode, The Fab 5 discusses the importance of building confidence and the impact it can have on ones life.  It is okay not to have confidence while

Elevating Your Five
March 08, 2023

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.In this episode, The Fab 5 talks about how the people we surround ourselves with impact us. One of the best ways to elevate yourself is to surround yourself with people who expand your

The Trap of Complaining
March 01, 2023

When we are complaining, we're reinforcing the very thing we're complaining about.In this episode, the Fab 5 talks about the trap of complaining and how to move away from it. Complaining is an energy that attracts more problems for one to complain about

Is Healing Possible?
February 22, 2023

The healing we want may not always happen, but the healing we need ultimately happens.In this episode, The Fab 5 talks about the healing journey and how it should be approached. We all have challenges and areas that need healing, but we sometimes fail t

Tapping Into Your Spirituality
February 14, 2023

If you can't connect to those that you see, you can't connect to those that you don't see.In this episode, the Fab 5 talks about what spirituality means to them and how they tap into it. Despite what many people believe, spirituality is not religion; it

Navigating Conflict, Chaos, and Victim Mentality
February 08, 2023

All great things are preceded by chaos.In this episode, The Fab 5 talks about the steps we should take when we find ourselves in the middle of a conflict or chaos. Conflicts are bound to happen when living and interacting with other people because we ar