Learn What Earns: The IT Upskilling Podcast

Learn What Earns: The IT Upskilling Podcast

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4. Certifications vs. College Degrees
November 18, 2020

  Since 2015, at least 15 major companies — including Apple, Google, and IBM — have publicly stated that they no longer require employees to hold a college degree. That's a major shift in workforce de

3. All About Using Microsoft Teams During COVID-19
November 18, 2020

Communication is the key to success in the workplace, but during the pandemic, workers are staying away from each other, many working remotely for the first time. Staying cohesive and productive can p

2. The Great Workforce Development Debate
November 03, 2020

Since its inception, workforce development has prepared people for jobs. It's goal is to see people of all ages prosper. Recently, the way funding gets distributed has changed, but many people still q

1. Why You Shouldn't MOOC Your Education
October 27, 2020

The internet changed everything, even education. And 12-15 years ago, top colleges introduced MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) to make a world-class education available to anyone with an internet c

Why You Should Listen to Learn What Earns: the IT Upskilling Podcast
June 25, 2020

In this intro episode, you'll hear from Mikell Parsh, CEO of New Horizons, on what you can expect from this podcast.