Couple Pints Pod

Couple Pints Pod

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Episode 125: Haunted Dolls
December 06, 2023

This Week Kollin hit the boys with the story of a Doll named Robert. Robert is a moody lil' fella who lives in a box in Flordia. He's super creepy, and his story is rather unsettling. Kollin also tells a GHOST STORY?!?!?! It's a good one, so t

Episode 124: Looking at YOU, Vatican
November 22, 2023

This week JMac and Dan (Guest Host) are back with a MASSIVE surprise!!!! KOLLIN!!!!! This dynamic trio zoomed Kollin in from work to discuss the Vatican's Observatory located in... ARIZONA??? Why is it there? Why is it next to a telescope named LUCIFE

Episode 123: CHANGES
November 15, 2023

Holy crap we're finally back (kinda)! This week JMac returns with a Guest Host! We missed you all so so so much and it's great to get back behind a microphone. JMac and Guest Host chat about the conspiracies surrounding Tupac's Death, and then go off trac

Episode 121: CHERNOHIO
February 26, 2023

We're back with tons of conspiracies regarding the skies above the United States! Balloons, Bombs, Deadly Clouds and who the hell knows what else. Don't look up, look at this awesome Episode!!    Check out our Video Episodes and go cop some Merc

Episode 120: Devilish Avatars
February 03, 2023

The Boys are back from their extended vacation! In this riveting episode they discuss a theory that ties the blockbuster hit "Avatar" to the DEVIL!!!!! Kollin says some stuff, JMac does too, they laugh, they chat, it's an absolute blast and a great way to

Episode 118: Automotive Cinephiles
December 08, 2022

FORGIVE US FOR THE LATE POST!!!!  This week Kollin and JMac are two kings shittin' around! The boys bullshit their way into the world of cinema and get lost in the realm of film. Lot's of Cars talk (the movies not the mode of transportation). Crack

Episode 116: Defensive Evolution
November 03, 2022

This week Kollin and JMac are joined by JMax incredible girlfriend Olivia! The trio discusses how humans evolved to detect spooky shit... like SKINWALKERS! It's super spooky, and a very fun episode. Crack a coldie and join the fun!    Check out

Episode 115: Deep Space Darts
October 11, 2022

This week Kollin and JMac are joined by their buddy Chase! The trio discusses NASA's DART Mission, and then we get into other "missions" that could have potentially saved humanity in the past. We also talk about hot guys playing serial killers. It's a BLA

Episode 114: Gin and Dreams
September 29, 2022

This week the fellas get in too deep while they're tryin' to sleep! Kollin and JMac discuss who populates our dreams, recent weird dreams, traumatic dreams, and everything to do with dreaming... JMac also has a purple suit for undisclosed reasons... so cl

Episode 113: Hooked on Gin and Fairy Dust
September 22, 2022

This week the boys flip the script not once but TWO TIMES!!! Kollin and JMac sip Gin and Juice and discuss the theory that Captain Hook was actually the GOOD GUY in the story of Peter Pan. Get ready for us to drunkenly ruin your childhood! Follow JMax tut