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Celebrity Culture in the Time of COVID-19
August 13, 2020

Celebrities are such a huge part of our pop culture today, they seem to be everywhere online, verified on all social media platforms and are now even dipping their toes into the Youtube content creator space. When the pandemic happened though they faded i

Do It for the Vine
July 29, 2020

Before there was Musically or Tiktok, there was Vine. Seven seconds of content that could become viral in a matter of hours, and to this day still provide jokes that are repeated and referenced ad nauseam by a whole generation. This week we talk about wha

The Last Straw
July 08, 2020

The plastic ban straw may or may not be a topic of casual conversation for everyone, but it was one that came up quite early on in our friendship. Join us as we talk about our hot takes on the plastic straw ban slowly happening across America. We discuss

New Girl and the Gilmore Girls Season 7 Curse
July 01, 2020

New Girl for many was a defining sitcom about friends in their 30s’ figuring out their love lives and careers in Los Angeles. There were running gags, drinking games, and many, many will-they won’t-they moments. This week we sit down to talk about our tak

Hot Takes Trailer
June 25, 2020

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