Jones Unchained

Jones Unchained

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Episode 1 S3
September 08, 2023

I explain my exaggerated hiatus, and the future of Jones Unchained going forward.

Episode 30 S2 - Fighting Games that made me #3 and S2 Finale
June 23, 2022

The long worked on finale of Session 2 and the last part of Fighting games that made me. A long overdue follow up, and the delay I'll explain in S3-1

Episode 29 S2 - Fighting Games that made me #2
May 24, 2022

More games that formed my life as a gamer. Forgive the ramblings and delay.

Episode 28 S2 - Fighting Games that made me #1
March 27, 2022

Start of a mini series to close out Session 2 of the podcast. No drama, no politics... Just an insight to what shaped me as a lover of fighting games, and the games/series I thank for doing so. Part 1 of 3 --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: Th

Episode 27 S2
March 11, 2022

Another episode of nonsense around me. From more anti-vax drivel, the Trucker convoys, and other matters that came my way

JUC Mini #3
February 13, 2022

Not much to discuss. A mere placeholder for a new ep tomorrow

Episode 26 S2
January 15, 2022

Another late episode. Was going to do it on the start of the year, but my focus wasn't as big.

JUC Mini #2
December 21, 2021

Another brief burst of content.

Episode 25 S2
November 22, 2021

My "Once in November" episode, covering my birthday, as well as the bad concerning the Rittenhouse trial and the Astroworld tragedy, as well as the backlash at Take 2 and Rockstar for the GTA Trilogy Definitive. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anch

Episode 24 S2
October 15, 2021

More of the same, but less crummy things (hopefully) this time