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Serial CFO Frank Colich Teaches Us How to Be a Great Father
July 19, 2023

Chief Financial Officer of VC Darling Karbon Chief Financial Officer of Rescale Chief Financial Officer of RoundGlass Chief Financial Officer of Skytap Chief Financial Officer of 3Tier Frank Colich's LinkedIn profile reads better than most executives

What AI Ought to Do | Head of's Engineering, James Brady, Shares why Elon Musk & the Future of Life Institute are asking us to SLOW Down
May 02, 2023

James Brady, Head of Engineering at and one of the impressive signatories on the open letter to "pause Giant AI Experiments" (in addition to: Elon Musk and some other notable minds and leaders in society including: Steve Wozniak, C

"Great Debaters" Chris Medina Argues for a Forensic Education
April 12, 2021

Denzel Washington might be the glamorous version of how a debate coach could be, but Chris Medina (current coach of the famous program in the movie) is the modern day Melvin B. Tolson & has helped the "debate program [win] more than 50 national champi

Education is Never too Late with Kate
March 03, 2021

Hyperboles are dangerous, but after listening to this interview with the CEO/Founder of, I think you'll be calling this conversation one of the most memorable in podcast history.  We were sincerely graced by a founder who's had an incredibl

Ta Corrales, MIT Costa Rican Startup Founder provides Amazing Education Insights
February 24, 2021

Ta Corrales, an incredible Latino startup founder elucidates to us the Costa Rican perspective to Education.  Through her amazing mother's "startup" spirit in building a school through her current startup, we get to lear

After a 4.75 billion Successful Exit, Seattle Founder Aaron Bird talks Education, Startups & Life
February 01, 2021

Former Founder/CEO of Bizable Aaron Bird sells to Marketo and shortly thereafter sells to Adobe for $4.75 billion.  Today, Aaron is running the startup studio Pienza. You should check it out! Adobe on Thursday announced that it's acquiring Marketo, a

EduK8 Update
January 28, 2021

Coming up very soon are: Aaron Bird, Ta Corrales, Heza Mulinzi & Chris Medina Stay Tuned!!!

LA's Premiere VC Minnie Ingersoll Tells us How to Win at Life
January 11, 2021

The beauty of "EduK8" is that we give you perspectives from people who disrupt and win at life.  While we respect our "educators," we believe there is a need to examine the education system from people who've navigated through what might be broken an

Top Anxiety Tips: Best of the 5 Qs Vol VI
January 05, 2021

Starting off the New Year, we share some more amazing tips on how to get through any difficulty you might be experiencing.  From an amazing & optimistic CTO to a humane & incredibly intelligent Venture Capitalist to a impressive & wise wr

Teaser for 2021
January 04, 2021

Coming up on EduK8 are some of the more exciting folks in VC, startups and we everything in between. We have Minnie Ingersoll, Ta Corrales and Aaron Bird who will share with you how theyve been winning at life.