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Episode:4 Hunny Bhagchandani Founder "TorchIt"
October 25, 2020

Every entrepreneur thinks about solving a problem which majority of people because if it gets successful the growth is tremendous, but our Guest Speaker Mr Hunny Bhagchandani opted to work for a niche very few people are willing to solve i.e visually impa

Episode-3 with Nikita Maheshwari Founder " Tatkalorry ,"
September 08, 2020

Without Doing a job employing people and building a successful venture is not an easy job.  Studying LAW from GNLU and then opting for MBA from  EDI is not an easy job.  Despite failing your first venture and facing multiple obstacles in yo

Episode-2 Rahil Rupawala Founder "Lightspeed Mobility Pvt Ltd"
July 29, 2020

There are many people who want to build sustainable products and businesses but there are very few who are able to make it happen in real life.    Our Guest for the Podcast Mr. Rahil Rupawala is one such personality who has built a successful st

EPISODE:-1 Dhruvam Thaker Founder "THE SMART TAXI"
July 05, 2020

There are people who failed their first attempt of startup and gave up There are people who failed their 12th and gave up There are people who got discouraged due to their friends and relatives and they give up There are people who don’t start working for

June 24, 2020

We have a lot of content available for business and Motivation but there are very few who talk about Invention / Innovation/ Research and just with a thought of driving the Zeal of Invention among Young ENTREPRENEURS.  I am starting Youtube Podcast S