Not Here To Hide the Podcast

Not Here To Hide the Podcast

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SZN2 Intro
December 09, 2022

Welcome back! It has been a little while, and lots has happened since the end of last season like a whole year of design school. This year we are going to dive into the basics; what creates a strong f

We too much or They Basic?
November 08, 2021

Being told we're too much but maybe they're not enough...

New Beginning
August 13, 2021

Change is inevitable

Wholeness OR Holeness
August 13, 2021

are you operating from a place of wholeness or holeness

Real Talks : Risqué featuring Kennedy Sloane
January 07, 2021

Unconventional Living

Peeling back the layers
October 21, 2020

taking the time to show a little more of me.

Perfect Shmerfect
August 18, 2020

Embracing the Imperfect

Who Are You?
July 08, 2020

Why would we listen to you?

Vulnerable, You?
July 01, 2020

Getting Real into it

The Second - Not Here To Hide
June 24, 2020

We're done Hiding